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Katarina Marceta, Editor-in-Chief

It’s weird to think that three years ago this month I was a very confused freshman, new and freshly jetlagged from a summer in Europe. On top of my sluggishness from landing in Phoenix only 48 hours earlier, I was a new addition to Erie who didn’t know anything about the culture our campus had developed over the years. My old middle school had been even smaller than Arizona College Prep, and it felt unusual to be around so many people who knew each other previously. Luckily, I had my best friend by my side (of course she’s a part of the newspaper team, too) and we dove right into it together. It was rough-and-tumble for the next few weeks, but eventually I got the hang of it. I expanded my social circles and discovered a newfound love for travel while sharing laughs and stories with my friends (fifth period physics really changed my life). I stumbled upon our school newspaper and before I knew it, I was a part of the team.

Shortly after, I’m starting my senior year and my second year as the Editor-in-Chief of the Knight Times. I even got one of my articles published in a nationwide Serbian American newspaper! It’s crazy how fast time really flies when you’re rushing to turn in homework on time (joking, I never missed a due date).

I’ve found myself to be an avid writer since the beginning of my high school career and have strongly focused on bringing my two passions together in the form of travel writing. One day I hope to travel throughout Italy and Greece while listening to Dean Martin’s “Mambo Italiano” on repeat. For now, I’m focusing on finishing my last year at ACP and finding my dream school. 

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Katarina Marceta