ACP Alumnus Meg Colihan: Joining The Disney College Program


Photo courtesy of Meg Colihan.

One ACP graduate from the Class of 2018 was recently selected to partake in The Disney College Program, which will take place in Orlando, Florida, during spring. The program is a paid internship where Meg will be able to earn college credits over four months on top of getting the life time of an experience. Meg, who attends Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, is studying elementary education with a concentration in science. While being a part of this program, she will get to learn about the internal operations of the Disney Company, along with customer service demands in the hotel and restaurant industries.

Meg (right) graduated from ACP in 2018. Photo courtesy of Meg Colihan.

Meg, who is over the moon, excitedly agreed to answer a couple of questions over her acceptance:

Q:  What does the Disney College Program entail?

A: The Disney College Program is an internship program through the Walt Disney Company, where you get to go work for the company for a semester! It’s super cool, and you get assigned to basically any role you can imagine. There are lifeguard positions, character performers, ride assistants, food workers, etc. You get paid for it as well, and live with other college program students during your time there!

Q: What did you have to do to apply for it/be eligible?

A: In order to apply, you just have to be attending a U.S. university or college full time. You can also apply up to six months after you graduate!

Q: Have you always been a Disney fan? Who’s your favorite Disney character?

A: I have ALWAYS loved Disney. When I was younger, my family couldn’t afford to go very often, so whenever I go, I am just obsessed. What better way to fulfill that then by working there?! My favorite princess is Moana, but my favorite character overall is Goofy.

Meg at the Grand Canyon. Photo courtesy of Meg Colihan.

Q: Why did you choose to major in elementary education?

A: I have had many teachers that influenced me and encouraged me throughout my life, and I want to be that person for someone else in the future.

Q: Do you have any advice for our seniors about college, etc?

A: My advice is to just love this part of your life! Even on bad days, weeks, months, semesters…the experience in college is so unique and nothing will ever be the same once you graduate. I think the key is to get involved on campus (as dorky as it sounds) and just appreciate the opportunity to be able to live this life!

Good luck to Meg as she begins The Disney College Program!