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Tennis State Championship: Charles Schuler and Hayden Truong


Here at ACP, we have a wide range of clubs and sports, including tennis. Recently ACP pair Hayden Truong and Charles Schuler played at the State Tennis Championship Finals Match. Hayden and Charles are a successful doubles pair because of their dedication to the sport. They have been playing doubles together for over a year and can utilize their communication skills on the court to amplify their winning chances. Because of their utmost dedication to this sport that they have come to love, Hayden and Charles reached where they are today. 

Charles became interested in tennis because his mother played in college, and his mom continues to pursue the sport by teaching lessons. Charles’ grandfather also played tennis when he was young and coached him for most of his childhood. Charles looks up to Novak Djokovic because he is very hardworking and mentally tough. When I interviewed Charles, I asked him about the impact that tennis has on him. Charles then explained to me, “I started playing when I was about four, but I didn’t play consistently until I was in eighth grade. Tennis is important in my life because the sport, more than any other sport, teaches you that you get out what you put in. The harder you work, the better of a player you will be. Tennis has also been the impetus to many friendships, like my friendship and impeccable teamwork with Hayden. At our championship, I felt exhilarated because I saw how much I had progressed. The opponents Hayden and I played were skilled and simply played a better game than we did. I am grateful we made it as far as we did even though we did not win the championship.”

If you’re inspired by Charles and Hayden, and you want to get into playing tennis, they have some advice for you, “I would tell someone looking to play tennis to ‘go for it’. Tennis is fun, and you do not have to be good at it to enjoy it. There are tennis courts all over, and racquets and balls can be found at most sports stores.” Charles’ and Hayden’s accomplishments serve as a reminder to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights!

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