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Kaylen Han’s Artistic Achievement


Art serves various purposes such as allowing people to express themselves in ways that words cannot. More than merely being pleasant to the eye, art can tell stories about the painter and serve as an outlet for them. While to many people, art is simply a fun activity, yet others consider this a passion that fulfills their creative aspirations. Reflecting students’ passion, many ACP and CUSD students participated in the District Show Award Ceremony on May 2nd at the Chandler Center for the Arts. ACP students showcased their diverse pieces of art and talents such as ceramics (both functional and non-functional) drawings, as well as paintings. Their talent along with the exceptional guidance from their teacher allowed them to complete their work to the best of their abilities.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kaylen Han, a second-place winner for the painting section of the competition. This year’s District Show Award Ceremony was Kaylen’s first ever art showcase, which made the experience along with her placement very gratifying. She expressed, “Receiving second place in my first ever art showcase definitely left a big impact on me. Although most people would be upset that they didn’t get first place, I was just grateful that my piece could be presented to people and be on the podium at all.” 

The process of her painting was intricate, as a lot of thought went into each aspect and detail of it. Her dedication to her art is a great reflection of her passion and commitment that is also seen among other ACP students. She stated,  “When painting this piece, the sketching process was the most challenging. This was mostly because of the measurements and the small details you have to draw in to make your painting as precise as possible. I overcame these challenges by keeping my mind stable and reassuring myself that as long as I keep going and try my best in the beginning, it will be much easier during the painting process. Trying my hardest in the beginning left me with no regrets in the end.” 

Kaylen’s first art showcase was definitely a successful one, earning second place among mostly upperclassmen artists. Her painting was purchased on the first day of the showcase, which positively impacted her confidence as it motivated her to continue improving her skills. She stated, “Considering the fact that I am a freshman and most of the pieces in these art showcases are from upperclassmen, participating in the showcase made me feel so honored and grew my confidence in my art to keep trying harder in the future.” Congratulations on your artistic achievement, Kaylen! Go Knights!

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