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Speech and Debate: Divya Natarajan’s Accomplishment


Modern-day issues such as the impact of social media and even homelessness on our society can significantly affect people, especially teenagers who struggle with them firsthand and lack the resources to seek help. Due to this, it is important to be open and communicate the complexities of modern issues, allowing everyone to have access to resources and support. Spreading awareness about such topics encourages people to navigate challenges and be mindful of the decisions they make in an increasingly digital world. During a Speech and Debate competition, junior Divya Natarajan discussed many issues our society faces and successfully expressed her thoughts, placing second. The competition ACP attended was the 93rd annual Rotary Speech Competition, ACP’s Speech and Debate’s team participated in the 93rd annual Rotary Speech Competition. 

Divya was a finalist and competed in the upper division where she placed second. I had the opportunity to interview Divya regarding her accomplishment and the content of her award-winning speech. She expressed, “Throughout the competition, I got to speak about various topics that dealt with issues in our society such as crime, homelessness, and technology. In my final round speech, I discussed how social media and political polarization plagues our present day society. I was inspired to base my speech around present day implications. When giving my speeches, I always had the goal of creating a relatable impact. Whether it was self driving cars or perpetual ignorance, I was inspired to make my speeches something that everyone could understand and see the importance of these issues “

Because Divya has been participating in Speech and Debate for three years, speaking in an impromptu manner comes naturally to her. At the competition, Divya gave three speeches for the preliminary, semifinals, and finals. After choosing her prompt, she was given 30 minutes to prepare a five minute speech. Divya stated, “My coach, Mr. Rumsey was an incredibly supportive influence at the competition. After an incredibly tiring speech and debate season, I really appreciated him taking time out of his busy schedule to come and watch my speeches. In our speech and debate class, we also did a lot of impromptu speeches which definitely helped me develop my skills.”

Divya’s skills and talent are clearly reflected in her remarkable performance. The entire ACP family admires your competition placement, and we look forward to seeing you future accomplishments! Congratulations, Divya. Go Knights!


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