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Nicholas Cuevas: Hispanic Scholarship Fund Youth Leadership Institute


Recently, one of ACP’s hard-working and talented students, Nicholas Cuevas, was chosen to take part in the 2024 Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Youth Leadership Institute (YDI). Being one of the 440 students picked within Puerto Rico, and 46 within the U.S. states and D.C., Nicholas’ phenomenal opportunity will occur at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC), due to its well-established reputation for academic excellence. However, this life-changing experience was not only a reward, but also an impressive achievement for Nicholas.

He prepared for this occasion by involving himself in rigorous courses such as AP Bio, Physics, U.S. History, and more. Nicholas also participated in many school extracurriculars, like Science Club, Model UN, NHS, and Track. When I had the chance to interview Nicholas, he explained to me, “I applied to this scholarship because of its unique opportunity to meet veterans in many fields ranging from Engineering to Biomed, hoping to expand my network in the molecular biology and political science fields. In this week-long program, I am motivated to strive for this both as the legacy of my parents and as an individual who desires to create a legacy for himself and future children.” Nicholas is also rapturous about the potential financial aid, helping him with college tuition. 

In a human’s life, your ethnicity often plays a key role. This is very important, especially at ACP, as we are inclusive and recognize every ethnicity that exists. Although one of ACP’s juniors, Nicholas, does not see his Hispanic heritage as a defining attribute, he does see it more as a point of pride. He defines himself through his accomplishments and desires by experiencing music, holiday traditions, and food at his grandparents’ wondrous restaurant. 

Along with Nicholas’ interview, he also stated some advice, “I think the greatest way someone can fail is by simply not trying on something. Oftentimes this attitude results from people’s beliefs that they are not able to succeed, which unfortunately turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.” This quote alone stands as proof of Nicholas’ prowess, time, and dedication he put into this attainment. However, Nicholas was able to do this because he believes Mrs. Sims is one of his biggest role models besides his parents, as she inspired and motivated him to pursue a major in Molecular Biology. Through emulating positive traits from several individuals, he came to be the astonishing person he is today. 

Nicholas is one of the many tenacious students at ACP. Just like Nicholas Cuevas looks up to his family and Mrs. Sims, we can look up to Nicholas. Nicholas has proven himself, and all his impeccable work has truly paid off. We can continue to grow as a family and community, as Nicholas’ achievement serves as a paragon to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights!

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