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An Aftertaste of “The Play That Goes Wrong”


Recently, ACP held its quarterly play, “The Play That Goes Wrong,” last week, from April 18 to the 20th. This play is the very last play of this academic school year where students involved gave their all into this play and the end product was remarkable. All of the individuals worked very hard and put all their effort into bringing this play to us. The play was exceptional, leaving the audience both thrilled and astounded by the incredible performance of the cast. Not only did the actors impress us with their talents and skills, but the hard-working students backstage did an outstanding job in all the other wondrous parts that brought together the play. 

One of those tenacious students is Jillian Douglas, a senior here at ACP. Along with being named the Editor of ACP’s yearbook, she also contributed to the play through helping out backstage. If you are unsure about what the play entails, Jillian explains the overview by saying, “It begins on the night of The Murder at Haversham Manor in which the lead actress is very unconscious, and we encounter a corpse but cannot act dead. But overall, all the actors cannot say their lines correctly, they ‘trip’ over everything including their lines.” 

They had their two last performances on the 25th and the 26th. The play provides a phenomenal opportunity for the ACP community to bond as a family and be more involved in the school environment. This play impacted the ACP family significantly because it gave them the opportunity to express themselves creatively outside the classroom. Not only were every single person in the audience completely enthralled by this amazingly well done play, but the actors and those backstage undoubtedly came such a long way from the beginning of this school year. These individuals as well as this play inspire us to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights! 

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