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A Parting Article from ACP’s Newspaper Members


As we, the members of the Newspaper class of 2024, close our computers for now, we hope to have left our readers with a lasting imprint with our writing. We newspaper students would like to express our final thoughts and our gratitude to Mrs. Patterson, who tirelessly and endlessly guided us through any struggles we encountered. Mrs. Patterson’s generosity and genuine compassion toward us and our articles has definitely propelled us forward throughout this school year. Without her, our writing and ability to function as a team would not have been nearly as effective as it was. Apart from simply teaching us how to improve our writing, she created a sense of a second home within our Newspaper family all throughout this school year. In order to show our appreciation to Mrs. Patterson and the supportive community we built in her class because of her, we came together to write a final article as the four members of Newspaper Staff. 

As a first-time member of Newspaper, it was definitely challenging at first with having a high standard and requirements to meet. However, over time, having Mrs. Patterson and each other, it got easier and became a passion in our daily lives. We all best express ourselves through words, so our articles are a way to demonstrate how we are appreciative of everything we have been given. A piece of advice for future Newspaper students is to always be creative in your writing. It is crucial to express your tone and character through each word, all while remaining appropriate and professional. Although writing can be overwhelming due to the multitudes of words and phrases that can be said, always remember: write in the way you write and express yourself no matter what. As one of the building blocks of education, writing in itself is perceived as an aspect of life that helps not only students but also everyone around the world and enables better thinking and a deeper understanding of everything around us. Because of the use of writing, individuals have the ability to express themselves in different ways.  Our last piece of advice before we leave until next year, is to get it done even if it is hard. The time will pass anyway, so you might as well do a good job at whatever it is you must do.

 Mrs. Patterson shaped us into the writers we are today, which we will always be grateful for, along with the outstanding knowledge she imparted upon us. The members that will return next year are more than thrilled to come back into C209 and continue our writing journey. And finally, a massive thank you to all of you who read the Knight Times. Your support for the website and interest in our school is what this website was made for. Thank you to our readers and an even bigger thank you to Mrs. Patterson! Write to you all next year. Go Knights!

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