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ACPHS: The Art of Giving


The Giving Tree is a way of bringing happiness to someone else’s life, an opportunity to demonstrate kindness and generosity for someone you might not even know. For those who don’t remember, The Giving Tree is a children’s book published in 1964. It contains a large, mighty tree that happily offers what she can to a young boy. The tree gives the boy shade from the shining sun, the apples that have grown on the tops of the robust, bountiful branches, and she even allows him to engrave his initials on her large trunk. The unwavering love and generosity of the tree symbolize the reality that we can only genuinely be happy when we find meaning in life that surpasses our pleasure. As the holiday season approaches, the gift of giving is all about the true meaning of the goodwill we show to others. Helping others is something that we, as humans, enjoy doing. Seeing the happiness and joy on someone’s face is all worthwhile, knowing we’ve played some part in their beaming emotions. When it comes to helping everyone, the ACP family is always enthusiastic and passionate about doing anything that can aid those in need or anyone else worldwide. With great pride, the Teen Mental Health Initiative at ACPHS announces that families now have the chance to provide holiday support to underprivileged students. The heart-shaped paper on the Christmas tree shares the first name and age of the student along with their holiday wishes. With the holiday spirit in the air, our school ambiance is more festive than ever. The feeling of generosity and care for others is a universal value that all humans possess; they each show it through different acts of kindness, and behind each act are the same benevolence and altruistic intentions we have for each and every person. Whether they occur right here in Arizona or anywhere else around the globe, acts of compassion are deeply embedded in our society.

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I had the chance to interview a fellow sophomore at ACP, Amber Yang. She is a speech and debate student and is extremely passionate about giving back to the community. It broadens your perspective on different parts of the world. Giving back to your community gives you an outlet to flourish personally and acquire greater awareness of where you stand in the global society we all live in. I asked Amber what opportunity she thinks the Giving Tree will have for the students at ACP, to which she responded, “The Giving Tree will spread kindness and happiness throughout our school. Bringing joy to children is a rewarding and meaningful goal that ACP endeavors to fulfill. By widening our hearts for everyone, ACP contributes to a more compassionate and understanding world.” This positively affects ACP because “it will make it a better place and create an evermore caring environment for everyone that represents our unwavering determination to ensure that all are well cared for and noticed.” The importance of giving to others is “that we have the chance to teach the future generation. By modeling generosity and giving to children and young people, we pass on important values of compassion, generosity, and social responsibility.” The Giving Tree, according to Amber, is “a notion of generosity and the idea that giving, whether it is through time, resources, or affection, is a powerful and fulfilling value of human experience. It encourages society to deeply conceptualize the importance of gratitude, kindness, and reciprocity in their interactions with one another.” I asked Amber why she thinks it is better to give than to receive, to which she responded, “Giving provides everyone around the world with a sense of contribution and independence. It allows us to play a part in having a beneficial effect on the lives of others and the world at large.” In Amber’s daily life, she gives back to others by “giving compliments to my friends and engaging in small gestures, in general, to brighten someone’s day.” She believes that “giving has and will always make life more cheerful and joyful by giving joy to others,” which has influenced her outlook on life.

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The art of gifting is one-of-a-kind art that is abstract and a captivating way to give back to the community. Whether it’s a special occasion or a simple act of appreciation, the act of giving a gift carries a profound meaning. It is an opportunity to express gratitude to others, care for everyone regardless of who they are, and spread happiness anywhere you go. It’s all about spreading love, understanding, and sympathy to others and making the world a happier and better environment for all individuals. Whether you donate money, volunteer your time, or simply show generosity to others around you, your compassionate acts can and will make a difference in the world. At ACP, we are a diverse group of people who aim to give back and bring smiles to others. The Giving Tree is a beautiful way to contribute to less fortunate individuals. Remember to throw sprinkles of happiness around like confetti, strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary. Go Knights! 

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