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5 Top Tips for Studying for AP Exams!

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As the AP testing season draws nearer, it can be a very stressful time for students of all grades who are taking AP classes. Students here at ACP are rapidly switching to AP prep mode one to three months before their AP exams. All the hard work put into the AP classes has laid a great foundation for the exams that will take place in the month of May. Here is a list of five helpful tips to study for the AP exams.

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  1.  Begin with Old Material: The materials learned at the very beginning of the year may have been forgotten after learning heaps of other materials, so it is always a good idea to refresh and study the first topics learned.
  2. Don’t over-rely on Teachers: The job of an AP teacher is to ensure all essential materials are covered, not to guide students in studying. In almost every AP class, there are a multitude of topics and work to cover, so maybe don’t expect the entire semester or year to be covered in the week before the exam.
  3. Study with other Students: It gets difficult to study a lot of materials all by yourself, so it may be better to study with a group of people so that everyone can assist in bouncing off each other’s knowledge from there. Remember, we all learn 70% of what we discuss with others.
  4. Find Practice Tests and Questions: To develop certain AP test abilities, students can locate practice examinations and questions in addition to subject review materials. The AP College Board, the organization that creates the AP exams, provides the best AP practice questions and tests. 
  5. Stay Committed and Positive: Make sure to not get too stressed out about the endless amounts of possibilities that may or may not happen during the test. Students should always stay on track and never give up or doubt themselves in any way. 

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To sum up, successful AP exam preparation is essential. By heeding these guidelines, students can maximize their study regimen and raise their chances of attaining their desired results. To keep focus and lower stress, it’s critical to begin early, use a range of resources, develop an organized study schedule, actively interact with the subject matter, practice on previous tests frequently, and prioritize self-care. Though AP exams can be difficult, students can approach them with confidence and provide their best effort if they are dedicated to studying and use smart study strategies. Go Knights!

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