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My Ten Cents for You


Ojal Parimisetty is a sophomore on ACP’s JV basketball team. She started playing in 7th grade and has always been a fan of writing. This article, written by Ojal, provides advice about starting high school. 

Many people think that being a teenager is easy; it’s not. You’re going to have several thoughts going through your head. Some days you’re going to fake it ‘til you make it. Being a teenager means having responsibility as well as controlling your emotions, keeping your grades in check, doing an extracurricular, being a friend, a kid, and as well as being a high schooler.

I am currently a sophomore, and there will be ups and downs. Every year there are new freshmen who are enrolling into the school, and the same question is always asked: “What is high school like?” High school is full of difficult and good times. There will be so many decisions that you have to make that can affect you in the long term. But, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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Advice #1: Don’t easily get distracted. As a high schooler, you’re going to experience so many new feelings and thoughts, and that’s normal.

Advice #2: Focus on your goal. Getting distracted happens to everyone, but you have to push through. 

Advice #3: Mindset is everything. Having a strong mindset enables you to achieve your dreams and goals. 

  Advice #4: Don’t keep your emotions to yourself, because sooner or later, all those emotions will just come out. Holding in those feelings could lead to many problems. 

Advice #5: Things are going to happen. During your high school journey, you’re going to lose friendships.  Think of it as a train- people get on and off at certain points, but that’s because it wasn’t meant to be. 

Advice #6: You should always try to be the best for yourself. It’s okay to judge yourself compared to who you want to be in the future, but you shouldn’t be judging yourself compared to others. 

Advice #7: Think about who you want to become.  There will be people who know what they want, but remember, it’s okay to not know yet. High school is where you discover your passions. 

Advice #8:  Always pick the option that will bring you to success. These are your four years to make memories and new experiences. Being successful is something you work hard for. You have to realize that time doesn’t come back, so use it wisely. High school teaches you the value of friendship and hard-work.

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Advice #9: Don’t fear failure. Failure will soon lead to success. By overcoming those failures, you become a better person.

Advice #10: Don’t always listen to others. Be who you want to be. If you’re happy with yourself, then nothing else matters.

Your high school experience is only defined by you.  So, what is high school like? High school is just a part of life packed into four years. 

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