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Prom: ACP’s Final Spirit Week


As the school’s end comes closer and closer,  one of the very prominent events that signifies the end of this academic year is Prom! High school Prom is known to be a formal dance for the upperclassmen, consisting of juniors and seniors, and it takes place towards the end of the school year. This dance is also known to be a big celebration and a final send-off for the graduating seniors before they embark on their next journey after high school. Prom is a highly anticipated event for high school students, and the events that lead up to Prom include promposals, assemblies, and most importantly, our final Spirit Week. This year’s Prom and Spirit Week is Starlit Soirée, brought to us by ACP STUGO!

Sleeping Under the Stars: Monday was also known as Pajama Day. Students and staff alike got the final chance to go to school in their pajamas. From comfy hoodies to warm sweatpants, the variety of pajamas students wore was endless. This theme for the day was a perfect start to the week-long countdown to Prom, which is on Saturday, April 27th. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: On Tuesday, students were bedazzling in school as they roamed the hallways in their nostalgic attire, during passing periods, of course. From their favorite cartoon to a favorite animated character, students have had a soft spot for throughout their childhood and into their high school years.  This was a wonderful opportunity for both students and teachers to display their most beloved childhood memories through their outfits. 

Wish Upon a Star: Also known as Disney Day, this took place on Wednesday. Students and staff were given yet another chance to dress out as their favorite childhood characters but in the theme of Disney. The ACP family wore costumes like Snow White from the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Flynn Rider from Tangled. Not only did students display the jolly parts of their childhood, but it also brought back nostalgic memories, and it filled our high school with characters from Disney. 

All-Star: On Thursday, we wore jerseys. Students had the chance to proudly don their team jersey or spirit wear. Everyone who has a jersey, either their own or their parent’s, wore them to school. All students were able to style their sports jerseys in their own unique way. 

Shine Bright: On the last day of this year’s final Spirit Week, students got to don the color white. This bright color was seen in all parts of the school because of the large proportion of students wearing white. This is also the day before Prom, and thus the last day for proposals to occur. 

As we end this school year strong, on behalf of all of ACP, I would like to once again thank STUGO for each one of the wonderful and amazing things they have planned for the school. Because of you, this school year was extra special and will always be remembered and have a place in our hearts even after our high school years. Don’t forget to strive and be extraordinary! Go Knights!

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