ACP Wrestling Dominates The Mat

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ACP Wrestling Dominates The Mat

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Last weekend, our High School Wrestling Team was crowned first place at the Titan Wrestling Tournament hosted by Chandler Prep. The team, training  nearly everyday after school, was more than well prepared for the tournament. Off the heels of the tournament, Junior wrestler Jayden Chen met with me to discuss the performance of the team. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What can you attribute most to the success of the team at this tournament?

A: There are a ton of factors that helped us at this tournament. Watching each other perform on the mat provided insight into what moves work, which ones don’t, and which ones we need more work on. The wrestlers have worked extensively to improve inside and outside of practice, so attributing the improvement to solely physical work is useless.

Q: Does team chemistry help to provide any support to your performance on the mat?

A: Supporting each other on and off the mat provides a lot of mental clarity and calms down a wrestler before his or her event. The close-knit team provides support for us as we wrestle.

Q: What is the most important aspect of wrestling that Coach Huffman taught you?

A: Expecting anything, and always knowing the next move is a vital skill for a fast-paced sport where moving is key. Knowing how to outsmart an opponent through wrestling moves, as well as escaping holds, is crucial for winning a match.

Q: What is the most important aspect to practice as a wrestler?

A: Continuing to practice our reflexes and capabilities on the mat, as opposed to strictly physical work with weights, is more beneficial to a wrestler who seeks to be more prepared on the mat.

Q: How will the team continue to improve?

A: Continuing practice matches during our practices, continuing dietary restrictions, and pushing ourselves even harder physically is the most valuable tool we have to improve by next season.

The wrestling team practices year-round to improve their own skills as well as the status of the team, and their work has evidently paid off. The team’s performance at this tournament has placed ACP Wrestling as a challenger in the district, and an imposing threat to the division. Continuing the training on and off the mat, the team will push even harder to maintain their standings as a dangerous competitor in the arena. Good luck to ACP Wrestling in their continuing push for excellency!