Best Ways To Transition Back Into School


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One week into 2021 and many students already feel stressed or anxious about school and their never-ending assignments. Even with Google Classrooms, essays, math homework, and science articles are stacking up by the hour. Now, with Arizona having the highest per-capita rate of new Coronavirus infections, families are very concerned and careful about safety and health precautions. However, there are ways that can relieve all this stress and help you get back into the groove of school. We can all agree that this winter break was much different from the ones we have had before, with students even agreeing that Christmas did not feel the same. Here are a couple of ways you can transition smoothly into online classes.

  1. Establish bedtime and mealtime routines.

During the break, a lot of students have the tendency to stay up until after midnight, probably on their phones or watching TV. The best way to break this habit is to establish a routine outside of school that you can control and follow. This includes going to bed at a certain time and trying to aim for that time every single night no matter what. Mealtimes are also important, so try to eat and stay healthy every single moment of the day. Without proper nutrition and food, you may lose focus and motivation during classes or homework time.

2. Designate a clear place to do homework and classes.

Before class, set aside an area to join Google Meets. This routine spot should be quiet, organized, and distraction-free so you can focus in class and learn more. You could use a home office or study in a quiet area of the house. Try not to scroll through your phone during class, and focus as best as you can on the screen in front of you. This is quite difficult for a lot of students, but I guarantee that the less you are on your phone during the meet, the more you will succeed in class.

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3. Focus on the positives.

It is so easy to get side-tracked with all the negative energy happening in this world today, but we can change the way we look at things through our mindset and attitudes. You can train your mind by practicing meditation and mindfulness before class and learning to be patient. Not everything is going to be perfect in Google Classrooms, with teachers learning how to implement technology in their teaching methods. However, we should be compassionate and spread positivity to everyone around us.

4. Take breaks.

Because we are on our devices so much, it can be exhausting for our eyes and cause headaches or tiredness. Take frequent breaks in between classes, and during these breaks, try not to be on your phones. You can get up from your desk and talk to your family. Even better, you can Facetime your friends in between Meets to catch up on each other’s lives. I also recommend reading a book, meditating, or finishing up some homework.

5. Ask for help from teachers.

Just because we are now in virtual school doesn’t mean we can’t ask our teachers for help. Most teachers have office hours after normal meets where they help students with homework or any classwork material. You can also ask them about their day and how their break was because I know for a fact that teachers love talking to students about personal lives as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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Thank you, Knights, for being so flexible in classes and being open to all options of learning. Our staff, administration, and teachers have been doing an excellent job in responding to all decisions, and they have been doing the best they can to utilize technology in their classes. Continue to keep a positive mindset, and we hope you stay healthy. Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary, even at home!