Beach Volleyball & Tennis


Continuing to own the local courts, our Beach Volleyball and Tennis teams proved their worth this week, looking for a well-earned state title. Our fantastic girl’s tennis team, currently 12th- ranked, took down the number five seed, Basis Flagstaff, in a close 5-4 match on Monday. Currently 13-2 overall, the girls team continue to decimate the competition.  Despite the continuing competitive play, the girls team still fell short of the win. Congratulations to the entire tennis team for their success on the court!

This is the farthest the girls team has ever gone in the league, which deserves a hearty celebration to their success. Be sure to congratulate your fellow ACP tennis players if you see them on campus!

Special congratulations to our fantastic boys players, including Sean Phu, who won his first round match at the AIA State Singles and Doubles Tournament, and our Boys Doubles team of Kamal Shaik and Hunter Tran, who also won their first round match at the same invite.

While our tennis team battles the court with rackets, our 10th-ranked girls beach volleyball team squared off at the semifinal match on Tuesday, April 30th, shortly after beating the state runner-up Valley Christian 4-1 and 2nd-ranked Trivium Prep 3-2 last week. Taking on the 3rd-ranked Fountain Hills, the team fought valiantly and relentlessly on the sand. Losing by only two points in the third set, the team still continued to acknowledge the effort they had put in. Congratulations to the success of our team throughout their entire season, and the amazing performances all the way to the end!

Despite losing close games, both of these teams represented the tenacity that our students and athletes continue to represent on and off the court. All players involved with these teams deserve commendation for their efforts on the team; don’t forget to congratulate your fellow athletes!