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Spirit Week: Rodeo-Themed Assembly


On Friday, February 2nd, a wonderful and well planned-out assembly brought together the entire school community to mark the end of the Western-themed Spirit Week and commence the countdown to MORP, which occurred the day after on Saturday, February 3rd. Assemblies like this promote the everlasting school spirit ACP High School loves and always will. The entire assembly from start to finish was flooded with voluminous cheers and glee. Even entering the gymnasium was a fun experience, as students got to walk under a large balloon archway that was red, orange, and white. The whole gym was decorated with cowboy-themed handmade posters, and each section was labeled with the classes at ACP.  The assembly was bursting with school spirit, but also there was a lovely and heart-felt event as well. During this assembly, a student and staff member at ACP was named as the student and staff member of the year. Mr. Bickes, the ACP’s school principal, was named as the Staff member of the year. Clint Bragg was also recognized as an outstanding Volunteer here at ACP. A beautiful tribute was displayed, which embodied the true spirit of ACP as students. The Student Of The Year award went to Syd Orr. She will always be remembered and is the heart of the true essence of ACPHS. Her endearing and wonderful parents came to the middle of the gym to receive her award. The moment and the love felt for Syd’s family will always be among ACP and everyone who is a part of the school. 

I had the opportunity to interview Willow Lyon about the assembly. I asked her to describe the atmosphere during the school assembly to which she responded, “The assembly was very heartfelt, sweet, and a good way to start 2024.” Willow’s favorite part of the assembly was the Student Of The Year award. An award that Syd really deserved. It was a very a heartfelt moment to witness and be part of. I asked her how this wonderful assembly promoted school spirit and brought out the true essence of ACP, to which she responded, “STUGO did an amazing job at promoting school spirit especially at this assembly, and they made the entire assembly extremely worth while. The posters, music, and vibes really encompass it all.” In Willow’s opinion these kinds of assemblies are very significant because they honor and cherish the sports teams for their hard work and dedication. This assembly inspired Willow to finish the school year off slowly because it can go as fast as a blink, which is why it is important to cherish every and all moments.

Fostering school spirit through assemblies is not merely a tradition but a crucial aspect of promoting a positive and supportive school community. This assembly served as a beginning of the countdown to MORP and awards to the very deserving individuals who will and always will be remembered. This assembly was an inspiring example of a culture of school spirit, as assemblies encourage collaboration, pride, and unity, which are essential for creating a conducive learning environment for everyone. Additionally, they instill values of respect and camaraderie. It promotes school assemblies that can contribute significantly to enhancing overall school morale, academic success, and student well-being. 

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