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Emilio Acedo: Karate Champion


Dedication and passion serve as the foundation upon which athletic success is built. Regardless of your introduction to a sport or the initial intention behind starting it, one’s success lies fully on the individual. External factors are irrelevant as their commitment is what truly determines their experience. Extending far beyond mere obligation, participating in a sport requires discipline and a powerful will to better every aspect of yourself. Starting Karate at a young age, freshman Emilio Acedo is a remarkable example of this as he stands out from numerous athletes because of his unwavering commitment and passion for his sport. Three students from ACP, including Emilio, participated in the Palm Springs Karate Championships, held by Diaz Karate USA. They represented Chandler Martial Arts Center, and Emilio earned two silver medals. His medals were in kumite and kata, a freestyle fighting in which a person trains against an opponent, and a detailed choreographed pattern of movements, respectively. 

I had the opportunity to interview Emilio regarding the impact martial arts have had on his life. He expressed, “I began practicing Karate when I was four years old because of my parents’ decision. However, I later became aware of my passion for the sport, which is why I still practice it. Karate has significantly influenced my daily life as it has helped me with overall better fitness, awareness, and discipline.” Although Emilio’s accomplishment is outstanding as he earned two silver medals, he perceives them as a sign to keep improving. The true value of his achievement lies in improving his skills and using every moment as an opportunity to excel. Because of his deep passion for his sport, he understands success is not determined by material objects, but by the skills he has gained and the journey he went through. 

I asked Emilio for advice he would give to people practicing martial arts, to which he responded, “Find a reason and an inspiration to keep on going, even on days when you are tired and feel unmotivated. Also, balancing academics and sports can be challenging, so avoid procrastination to have time to train and finish schoolwork.” Thank you, Emilio, for being a great inspiration to everyone at ACP. We cannot wait to see your dedication and talent pay off. Go Knights!


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