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Sienna Whitington: State Tournament Wrestler


Like in other sports, learning to excel despite setbacks and challenging yourself to exceed your limits are crucial factors in wrestling. Its requirement to try your absolute best causes it to be a complex and challenging sport, which makes Sienna’s accomplishment remarkable to a much larger extent. Sienna Whitington from the class of 2025 participated in a state tournament for wrestling at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The tournament marked the first time ACP participated in a state playoff for girls wrestling, making it a great milestone not only for Sienna but for our school as a whole. Wrestling is a highly demanding sport due to the discomfort players endure and the hardships they overcome to improve their skills, strategy, and expertise. However, it is also incredibly gratifying as it rewards players with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from bettering yourself and seeing your efforts come to fruition. As both a lacrosse player and wrestler, Sienna is a perfect example of a dedicated and hard-working individual who puts forth her best effort regardless of the difficulties that may arise.  

She expressed, “Wrestling is an amazing sport, especially at this school because of the exceptional coaching staff we have, and the tight-knit community we built truly feels like a family. Making it to this tournament is going to motivate me in my future career and serve as a new standard for myself.” Although the tournament was very rewarding and thrilling, there were challenges and hardships she had to overcome. Sienna stated,  “Since the tournament took place in a crowded place, the amount of people was overwhelming at first. However, I was able to stay calm and focus on my performance. I tried to reassure myself and trust the work and effort that I had put in.”

Because of her constant commitment to her sport and work ethic, Sienna has become an admirable example of the true meaning of perseverance and hard work. Her accomplishments serve as a beacon of inspiration for the entire ACP community to exceed their limits and strive for the impossible. Sienna’s success allows us to receive living proof of growth and improvement through all experiences. Despite the challenges and adversities in the sport, Sienna’s unwavering commitment along with the support of her coaches and teammates pushed her to success. Congratulations, Sienna! Go Knights!


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