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Willow Arnold: ACP Girls Wrestler State Qualifier


Recently, ACP’s Girls Wrestling team won second place at their sectional meet, qualifying them for the state tournament in late February. Winning second place at sectionals was a great accomplishment for the team as it was the most state qualifiers in the program ever. However, this win could not have happened without the girls who make up this hard-working team. Among those girls is Willow Arnold, a senior here at ACP. When I interviewed her, she had a lot to say about her dedicated team.

When I asked Willow how she felt when they placed second, she explained to me, “Winning second felt exhilarating. In order to get that win, our entire team pushed through and brought ourselves back up by believing in ourselves.” Moving here last year for Willow was a bit difficult because she felt she wouldn’t have the ability to befriend anyone, but the wrestling team proved her wrong. Overtime, she came to the realization that the Girl’s Wrestling team community was filled with amazing wrestlers and bonds that Willow will love and cherish forever as her second family. Being on a sports team, motivation is key. For Willow’s team, before a match she and her teammates stay hydrated, motivate one another, and support each other. As the state tournament is coming up, Willow is focusing on maintaining her health. By focusing on her health, she will be able to wrestle to the best of her abilities, but as she says, “Being healthy is always more important than sports.”  Although Willow would not consider wrestling her passion, she can definitely give the sport credit for shaping her into the person she is today, which she is eternally grateful for.

If you have gained inspiration from Willow’s wrestling career and want to get into the sport, Willow has some advice for you, “You have to be able to fight and go through pain to achieve your goals, which also brings much happiness. It is a back-and-forth sport, but learning from it will help you in life. Wrestling is not a sport for everyone, but I do recommend trying out if you are willing to commit. Wrestling is sort of a life lesson that makes you rethink and focus on your passions.”

Credit to Elizabeth Portraits

Willow Arnold is one of the several female wrestlers at ACP who gives up their time to put in the effort for the team. This win and qualification for state truly proves their team diligence and their determination to win paid off. The ACP Family is thrilled with the fulfillment of the Girl’s Wrestling team win. Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights!

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