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A Trip on Memory Lane: ACP’s Book Fair


There’s a new and fun event that is ongoing from April 29th to May 3rd, which is known as the Scholastic Book Fair! For many students, this is most definitely a trip down a nostalgic lane that is overflowing with feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Not only do students get to peruse through the wonder books they used to love and read, but they also see the many fun trinkets that they can now make and bring fulfilling memories back. This is a wonderful change for ACP to allow its students to remember all the memories they made and create new ones now, in the present, with their friends. Even in high school, book fairs are very valuable, both culturally and educationally, for the students and the school community as a whole. These events offer students access to a diverse range of literature that isn’t already available at ACP’s library and foster a love for reading and lifelong learning. Book fairs encourage the exploration of various genres and topics, allowing students to discover new interests and perspectives among the many books they can buy.

The books in this year’s Scholastic Book Fair include Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Babysitting Club, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, as well as Five Nights At Freddie’s. In addition to almost anything, students can buy a range of trinkets, such as unique pens, phone-shaped erasers, scented highlighters, eye-catching bookmarks, and finger pointer sticks. There is an endless variety of items available for purchase and enjoyment for staff and students at this book fair, perfect for celebrating the end of the school year! After all the hard work and utmost effort students and teachers have put into this academic school year of 2023-2024, it is safe to say that everyone deserves time to decompress and relax. A wonderful place to do just that is the book fair, which can be found at the school’s library. Moreover, I had the chance to ask a fellow newspaper staffer, Maria Tapia, what impact she thinks the book fair will have on the students and perhaps the whole school; she responded, “The book fair opens new opportunities for students and staff alike to find and create new interests in the different genres of books, and students can find out if they like the same books as their friends!” 

Beyond academics, book fairs often serve as community-building opportunities, bringing together students, teachers, and friends to celebrate the joy of reading. Overall, high school book fairs play a vital role in promoting literacy, fostering intellectual curiosity, and building a vibrant literary culture within the school community. Don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. 


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