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Cadence Ells: 2024 AIA All Girl Stunt State Runners-Up


Cheerleading is more than just a sideline spectacle; it is a crucial part of team spirit. This sport dates back to 1884 when the first cheer, “Ray, Ray, Ray!”, was chanted at Princeton University. The cheer motivated the crowd and excited them for the football game. At first, the only cheerleaders were male. However, that changed in 1923 when the University of Minnesota allowed females to cheer, do acrobatics, and tumble on their team. By 1997, Cheerleading was seen as an official sport by several high schools in the United States. 

At ACP, our Cheer team plays a significant role in our school spirit. You can see the dedicated cheerleaders at football games, pep assemblies, and other sporting events. Recently, one of those cheerleaders, Cadence Ells, a junior, was named 2024 AIA All Girl Stunt State Runners-Up, along with four of her teammates. Cadence’s proclivity for cheerleading began in middle school when she tried out for her school’s team and discovered her predilection for tumbling. Cadence considers Cheer her passion since it allows her to improve and build close bonds with other cheerleaders. If you are inspired by Cadence and want to take up cheerleading, she has some valuable advice for you, “Look into your school’s program to ensure you can truly commit to a team. If so, then just try out and do your best. There’s always next year and always time for improvement.”

As Nationals are coming up, this achievement for the team has prepared them and given them more confidence. Cadence Ells is an impeccable example of an ebullient and prowess cheerleader and student. The ACP family could not be more proud of this accomplishment. Cadence and the team truly strived for the impossible. We wish them the best of luck at Nationals. Go Knights!

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