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ACP Students’ Culinary Trip to Italy


In addition to their other activities, many ACP students received the privilege to go on a Culinary trip to visit Italy over spring break. It is important to note that this trip wasn’t school-affiliated and was planned through EF Tours as CUSD does not pay for overseas travel. Many of the students came back elated that they were able to participate.

Jake Hall was one of many students who participated because it was the first time he was able to leave the country and Italian cuisine is his “all-time favorite”. Because of this, he was “super excited to try it in Italy”. Elena Garcia was another student who went to learn more about Italian cuisine, which is, according to her, is “Something I really enjoy because of how different it is everywhere in the world.  You can go to any place in the same country and get a completely different dish by the same name.” For her, being able to visit Italy makes her feel very lucky, calling it “the chance of a lifetime”.

As for their favorite parts, she explained that for her, it was walking through a farmer’s market in Bari. “Along this little alleyway there were elderly women making orecchiette, and ear-shaped pasta, and dying it with all natural ingredients. It tasted amazing and was strangely enough, super healthy as it had none of the add-ins of our pasta here”.

Kenzie Fauth was another student who ventured to Italy, and her favorite part about it was when they were able to explore, they went without a tour guide as she noted that “I felt like I learned more about their culture when I got to explore the different cities with my friends”. Both Kenzie and Jake ate Orecchiette multiple times during the trip and agreed it was their favorite dish. Because many of those who went on the trip also have an existing passion for culinary, this experience definitely impacted that passion. Elena commented that she has always loved culinary. “If anything, the trip has made me enjoy it more and given me inspiration for my next cooking adventure.” Jake feels that it’s really helped him broaden his overall view on food. “Seeing a country so different to ours with such different norms and ideas could honestly be described as life-changing.” Kenzie mentioned that the trip has made her more interested in culinary and that she can’t wait to make more Italian dishes. These three students were some of many who were able to visit a place rich in culture with the potential to learn and be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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