Welcome Back Knights!


Steve Chadwick

The beginning of the great match against Blue Ridge High.

It’s weird to think that summer is already over, when it feels like its barely even begun. Nonetheless, after some minor setbacks, school has finally started again. This time, however, students will be online for the beginning of the year instead of stepping back in-person. It’s a new experience for all of us that will take some adjusting, but hopefully, with some deep breaths and accommodations, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Sir Thunder during an assembly last year!

To make up for the absence of the annual Friday assembly ACP students and faculty experience every July, the Class of 2021 worked hard to welcome and introduce incoming freshmen to our snuggly down-to-earth campus. The most prevalent of their efforts is the Knights Connection Program, known as KCP, or the mentor program. KCP allows seniors to bring new freshmen under their wings to teach them and help them in their first year of high school. A huge shout out to Miss Lindstrom and the senior class of 2021 for working so hard to make the first week of school unforgettable!

While students stay at home, working on their laptops and computers from their rooms, a majority of our teachers are working from their school computers in their classrooms. Kudos to all of our wonderful faculty for their diligent work and effort in maintaining safety precautions while doing what they do best: teach!

The week of August 24th (next week) is also a very special week. While we can’t celebrate our Knight spirit like we always do on campus, StuGo has created an exciting virtual spirit week for all of us to partake in through our cameras! Listed below are each of the spirit days.

Monday is Hat Day (wear your coolest hat!)

Tuesday is College Day (support your dream school by wearing a t-shirt with their insignia!)

Wednesday is Decades Day (deck yourself out in some bellbottoms or leg warmers!)

Thursday is Sweatshirt Day (wear your favorite sweater or sweatshirt for a cozy day)

Friday is Fandom Day (put your favorite book or show or musician on display!)

Missing: Sir Erie!! Reward: BOTC points!!

Don’t forget that by participating in our virtual spirit week you can win Battle of the Classes points for your grade! Another way to win points for BOTC (Battle of the Classes) is to keep an eye out for Sir Erie! Yes, our lovable knight, Sir Erie, has gone missing! He’s rumored to be hiding in some classrooms or even the homes of our teachers! Make sure to keep out an eye for him during your class live sessions! If you spot him, send a private message to @acpknightserie on Google Classrooms!

While the start to this school year isn’t exactly ideal, we can definitely make it more fun and thrilling. Make sure to participate in the Battle of the Classes activities, whether it’d be dressing up for our Virtual Spirit Week or looking out for Sir Erie (or both!), and absolutely make sure to thank your teachers for all their hard work. Go Knights!