ACP Alumnus Megan Smith: Life After High School


Megan Smith with one of her new sorority sisters. Photo courtesy of Megan Smith.

One of ACP’s 2019 graduates, Megan Smith, has just started college at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. Megan, known as Meg to many of her friends, classmates, and teachers, is planning on majoring in Social Work with a minor in American Sign Language. She wants to be a therapist for deaf teens, as well as a family counselor for families with mixed hearing capabilities. To add on to her busy college life, Meg has also joined a sorority: Alpha Omicron Pi.

Megan Smith (third from left) with her new sorority sisters at Boise State. Photo courtesy of Megan Smith.

I had the opportunity of getting to know Meg last year in our combined Yearbook and Newspaper class, which consisted of only 14 students in total. An all-around bubbly and cheerful girl, Meg always succeeded in making everyone smile. When I found out that she had joined a sorority in college, I just knew that we had to feature her in an article. She, of course, complied:

Q: Can you tell me a little about the sorority you joined, Alpha Omicron Pi?

A: The sorority I joined, Alpha Omicron Pi, or AOLL, is a group of sweet-hearted girls who love their philanthropies of helping veterans and supporting the fight against arthritis. They welcomed me right away into their sisterhood and have made me feel more at home.

Q: Why did you decide to join?

A: I decided to join because I love volunteering and sororities have a philanthropic aspect of their sisterhood. It was also a great way to meet new people and create a home here at Boise State.

Meg (center) at Table Rock, a mountain pillar in Boise, Idaho. Photo courtesy of Megan Smith.

Q: What do you like the most about it?

A: I love the girls I have now bonded with for life. They have offered to help me with classes and rides to events; two sisters have already taken me up to a beautiful location called Table Rock to see the sunset.

Q: What do you believe it means to be in a sorority?

A: Being in a sorority means having a family wherever you go. It’s about having a group of sisters to support you in rough times and to cheer for you in your happiest times.

Q: Would you recommend joining a sorority or fraternity to other students? Why?

A: I would definitely recommend joining a sorority or fraternity to any student, especially for those going out of state. You will meet amazing people who I guarantee you will be friends with for life.

Q: How has college life been treating you so far?

A: College has been amazing so far. I have met so many new friends and my professors have been exceptional.

Q: How has the switch from high school to college felt like so far?

A: The transition to college from high school has been hard, but definitely rewarding. It was hard being away from everything I have ever known but rewarding as I have already had amazing experiences. The first Sunday before school started the entire freshman class floated down the river, right next to the campus. It was fantastic.

Meg with another one of her sorority sisters. Photo courtesy of Megan Smith.

Q: Any college advice for our current seniors?

A: My advice is to go where you feel at home, not where your friends are going. I still have friends in Arizona. In fact, one of my close friends, Ali Zollinger, who also graduated from ACP last year, came and visited me this weekend for the first game. Your friends won’t stop being your friends because you ended up going to different schools. Just make the decision for you and not for them.

Thank you to Meg for giving us a peak into the life of a brand-new college student! We all miss you and wish you a successful first year at university! And don’t forget; once a Knight, always a Knight!