Jad Mazboudi Becomes ACP’s Second State Champion


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bishop.

The weekend of February 15th, senior Jad Mazboudi participated in the State Championship for wrestling and victoriously won the 195 pounds weight class. Jad pinned all four of his opponents: his first in 35 seconds, second in 40 seconds, third in four minutes, and fourth (and final) in 95 seconds. Some of ACP’s other wrestlers, juniors Kellen Gibson and Sebastian Rochin, finished as the state runner-up in the 220 pounds weight class and fifth place in the 106 pounds weight class, respectively.

From left to right: Kellen Gibson (11), Sebastian Rochin (11), and Jad Mazboudi (11). Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bishop.

I asked Jad for a quick interview and he cheerfully agreed:

Q: How did it feel to win the State Championship?

A: It was an amazing feeling, from the moment the referee slapped the mat to signify my win to the end. A burst of emotion flew out of me, and it took me about two days to actually believe what had happened.

Q: How long have you been prepping for State?

A: Before State, I was wrestling with my former wrestling partner, Korosh Eshani. We would just go at it; I had to push myself to the limit if I wanted to be on top. It came to the point where before I slept, I thought of scenarios of me winning my final match.

Q: What do you love the most about wrestling? Why?

A: I enjoy the hard work and dedication needed for wrestling. I just love to see how far I can go, and it really sets me up for success in the future. Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.

Jad after successfully winning his last match. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bishop.

Q: Are you planning on wrestling in college?

A: Although I have earned many offers, I do not plan on wrestling on a collegiate level.

Q: How did you celebrate your victory?

A: To celebrate, I ran around the mat screaming with joy and looking at the fans in the stands as they went wild. After I shook my opponent’s hand and got my hand raised, I shook the opposing coach’s hand and ran to hug Coach Huffman and Coach Perez.

Congratulations to Jad and the other ACP wrestlers who gave an amazing performance! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!