JR High Math Club Named 2019 Champs at Competition

JR High Math Club Named 2019 Champs at Competition

Last weekend on April 27th at Newell Barney Middle School, ACP’s junior high math club team took part in the annual EVC Master Mathematics Competition. Our young Knights did exceptionally well and were even appointed the 2019 School Champions!

Dean Brasen (8), one of the remarkable mathletes, placed first in the Quick Draw Mental Math competition last Saturday. Dean, who enjoys math very much, had a lot to say about his most recent accomplishment:

How long have you been in math club? Why did you decide to join?

A: I’ve been in math club for about two years now. I decided to join because I’ve always been interested in math, and this club has allowed me to explore different areas of the subject to broaden my perspective of mathematics.

Can you explain what the Quick Draw Mental Math competition is?

A: It is a competition in which you have 30 seconds to answer one problem. There are 30 problems and they’re all math based, obviously. Most of them aren’t too hard or complicated but you have to answer them very quickly to get the point.

How did it feel to win?

A: It felt very encouraging. It was a very good feeling, and I was happy to achieve this accomplishment.

What has this experience taught you?

A: It has taught me to keep doing math and to keep pushing myself to achieve and accomplish these huge goals.

Would you participate in this competition again?

A: If I could, I would.

A huge thank you to Dean for taking the time to give us some insight to the world of math competitions and a huge congratulations to our junior high mathletes on being crowned champs! Well done Knights!