Some Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Some Fun Mothers Day Gift Ideas

The end of April signifies a heat wave not so uncommon in the Valley; but with it, Mother’s Day approaches quickly. Mother’s Day (which is in about two weeks!) usually leaves a lot people in need of ideas on how or what to gift their moms in appreciation. Currently, there aren’t too many options to consider while in isolation, and going out to brunch isn’t ideal. So, as a little gift from me to you, here is a list of nine different ways you could make Mother’s Day one to remember!

Have an at-home spa day

Spas are an easy way to relax, which is just what your mother might need during these times. Get some face masks and nail polish out and treat her to a nice at-home spa. Give her a mani-pedi and even take out some cucumbers to put over your eyes. If you don’t have any face masks, you can make some of your own with basic ingredients that are found in your kitchen! Google and Pinterest have tons of recipes.

Make some arts and crafts

If you want to make your mom feel sentimental, pull out the markers and construction paper and make her another card just like the one you did in elementary school. This can also be a fun and relaxing activity for you! Be as creative as you want; cut out hearts, use tissue papers to make flowers, pour glitter all over the card (go easy on it-she’ll make you clean up all the glitter).

Have a photo shoot 

Treat your mom as if she is a model-because in some ways, mothers are models. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but you can definitely show your mom just how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her by having a photo shoot. Dress her up in fancy clothes and do her make up; make a backdrop out of bedsheets or old party decorations. Grab a camera and let your inner photographer speak!

Make some breakfast in bed

This is very cliche, but to me it seems as if moms are always complaining about cooking and cleaning. Return the favor! Wake up early and cook up a storm! Make her favorite breakfast and set it out on a platter with some flowers. Bring it to her room and then present your gifts to her (nothing says I love you more than waking someone up at 8 a.m. on a Sunday).

Have a bake-off

Baking can be quite relaxing, and as of late, many people have turned to the hobby for some quick tranquility. Surprise your mom with a bake-off! Team up with your siblings or with one of your parents and have some fun! Just make sure to not make too big of a mess.

Set up a tent outside and watch the stars

If you have a backyard, I really recommend setting up a tent outside on a patch of grass and just watching the stars. The night sky is a lot more visible now because of the isolation situation, and even if you don’t have a tent, just lay out a blanket and enjoy the night. If you want to have a little more fun with it, make your own tent with blankets, chairs, and inflatable pool toys.

Have a pool day

For Arizona natives, heat isn’t really a big deal. However, the end of April is the prime time to enjoy your pools because the water is finally not too cold and well, it’s not monsoon season. Spend the entire day outside with your mom and family, having fun! Make sure to wear sunscreen!

Go on a hike

This option might be a little difficult because of the sudden rise in temperature, but if you want to wake up early, be my guest! Find a trail nearby and take your mom out on a little hike. Arizona has tons of trails, especially in the Valley, and most of them are still open.

Cook a giant dinner (or barbecue)

Instead of doing a traditional Mother’s Day brunch, have a barbecue! If the weather permits it (which it probably will), decorate your backyard for a nice family barbecue and if you have a pool, make it a pool party!

Hopefully some of these ideas will spark your imagination and help you create the perfect Mother’s Day for your mom. Have fun!