The Best Is Yet To Come


It’s the night after our senior prank day. I’m sitting on my bed, procrastinating on my last article for the Knight Times. It’s insane how quickly four years have passed by; after countless tests, quizzes, labs, debates and Socratic seminars, it all comes down to this one last, fleeting moment that seems so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Ten years from now, most of us probably won’t even be able to recall the specificities or the indescribable feeling of embarking into the unknown as young adults.

Bridge T. Bach: tall, swimmer, the Voice of ACP, and an outstanding pianist.

Even though this past year has been a roller coaster of madness and confusion, we successfully accommodated ourselves to this new, unfamiliar normal and created an exhilarating, remarkable and sensational senior year. Despite our disappointment over losing your typical senior shenanigans, we adapted: homemade proms and socially-distanced games are only a few of the activities and events we’ve adjusted.

Our senior prank, in my slightly-biased opinion, was one to mark down in the books. From mountain-tall piles of desks to a kiddie pool and slip-and-slide on the basketball court to our Voice of ACP, Mr. Bridge Bach, sitting on the roof playing the piano, the Class of 2021 really outdid themselves. Our whimsical “Tej Patel” theme consisted of headshots of the one and only, Tej Patel (autographed, of course), balloons, gigantic truck tires, streamers, and LOTS of autographed sticky notes.

Before we get too sappy, I’d like to thank the ACP teachers and staff on the behalf of the senior class. Thank you for “striving for the impossible” and giving us a fantastic four (or more) years here and for giving us your best. Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears. Thank you for your commitment, enthusiasm, and perseverance.  And above all, thank you for the memories.

Copy of a Tej Patel headshot (signed).

To the Knight Times: it has been an incredible and tremendous experience serving as your Editor-in-Chief for the past two years and working with Mrs. Patterson, our advisor, who has not only been a teacher to me, but a mentor and a friend as well. The past three years in Newspaper/Yearbook have been hectic and chaotic, but delighting and radiant (I’ll definitely miss our parties). I wish good luck and prosperity to our future journalists and Nina Sreeprasad, who I will be training to help lead next year.

As we embark on a new voyage to start our lives and our underclassmen and staff officially move over to the new campus, I wish everyone success and happiness (and good vibes). I hope everyone achieves their deepest dreams and desires and accomplishes everything they’ve ever wanted to. These four years have molded us into who we are and helped us find ourselves.

It’s been an extraordinary ride, Knights. Farewell and until our reunion,

Katarina Marceta, Editor-in-Chief.