KOS Creates Kangaroo Pouches to Help with Australia Fires


Knights on Stage working together to create joey pouches for kangaroos in Australia. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lewandowski

While we continue our daily lives normally, having fun and spending time with our friends, Australia is quickly being destroyed from the various bush fires that have recently been inflicted upon it. Homes have burnt down and multiple people have passed away from the fiery fiend. Thousands of animals are dying and many of them are on the verge of extinction.

Here at Erie, our theater company, Knights on Stage (more commonly known as KOS), has taken it upon themselves to create joey pouches for baby kangaroos that are in need of rehabilitation after being injured or who have lost their mothers in the fires.

Students in KOS working diligently to create pouches for joeys who have lost their mothers in the Australia fires. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lewandowski.

Grace Gardner, a junior and member of KOS, has been one of the people in charge of the construction of the joey pouches. Grace was kind enough to explain how KOS has been working to effectively help poor animals from enduring anymore suffering.

Q: Who’s idea was it to start creating joey pouches?

A: Mrs. Lewandowski came up with the idea after watching a short video on the animals suffering in the Australia fires.

Q: How do you make them? 

A: We take cotton fabrics and cut them to the measurements given. Then we take those same layouts and sew them together. After we finish that, we take a nice fleece and cut it to fit in the pouches.

Q: How long does it take to make one pouch? How many do you make per day?

KOS will gladly accept any donations or materials to help further make more pouches. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lewandowski.

A: It takes about 30 minutes to finish a pouch. We actually have been working on all the sizes together, so each step is done on a different day. It’s taken us a little over a week, but we have over 30 pouches made ranging from small to big.

Q: Do you make anything else beside joey pouches?

A:  Right now we are focusing solely on the joey pouches because they are in very high demand, but if we finish and have enough time, we plan to try and make other items for other animals.

Q: Is there any way others can help?

A: We will gladly accept fabric donations. We use pure cotton and bamboo for our pouches and fleece for the liners!

Despite the weather having considerably cooled down, Australian officials say that the fires are still not over. To donate money or materials for pouches, please contact Mrs. Lewandowski.