Class of 2021 Receives Their New Class Apparel


Devon Baggot

Mackenzie Rhodes and Kami Padilla with their Senior Class of 2021 shirts.

On an exceptionally cool morning one August day, a group of ACP’s seniors met underneath the chilling shade of an enormous tree. A number of large cardboard boxes accompanied them, along with a extendable table paired with several lawn and outdoor chairs. With masks spread across their faces, they quickly worked together to spread out the contents of the boxes onto the table. Soon enough, more seniors began to arrive, excitement written over their faces. The official senior Class of 2021 t-shirt distribution had begun.

Photo courtesy of Devon Baggot.

Of course, t-shirts weren’t the only options that the soon-to-be-college students had to pick from. Hoodies, jackets, and quarter zips had an entirely different design of their own (seen left). The Class of 2021 had opted to go for a more retro approach this year; the sweatshirts resembled a bright technic pink, purple, and blue logo often familiarized with the flamboyancy of the 1980s.

Brileen Donahoo pictured with one of the senior t-shirts. Photo courtesy of Devon Baggot.

The t-shirts, on the other hand, followed in the footsteps of the disco and flower power aesthetic of the ’70’s. The large “Seniors” logo (seen to the right) jumps out at you under a rainbow of color in the groovy font famously used during and ever since the 1970s.

The seniors responsible for the quick and efficient attire distribution! Pictured from left to right, Sebastian Javadpoor, Brileen Donahoo, Kristin Myer, Andrea Linder, and Jake Ida. Photo courtesy of Devon Baggot.

Designed by Devon Baggot and Shreyak Duggirala, the t-shirts and sweatshirts were a huge hit with the Class of 2021, who were beyond thrilled to finally receive their apparel (we waited the entire summer, okay?!). The seniors who distributed the clothing, the t-shirt committee, were very mindful of social distancing measurements, even going as far to throw out t-shirts and hoodies to seniors like athletes do at a stadium full of cheering fans (it was a very exhilarating game of catch).

Thank you to all of the seniors who worked hard this summer to produce and distribute our Class of 2021 attire! To rest of our seniors and underclassmen: don’t forget that the best is yet to come!