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ACP’s IKF Assemblies of the Year


As the International Knights Festival took place on Friday, April 5, two events led up to it: the cultural fashion show assembly and the concert assembly. Each event played as a spectacular way to promote the International Knights Festival, making all the students more excited for the night to occur. The fashion show featured students from various cultures wearing traditional attire. Some countries included Mexico, parts of India, the Philippines, and South/ North Korea. At the dance performance, the second event of the day, ACP’s dance teams choreographed dances with popular songs. These unique dance performances can remind us that at a diverse school like ours, it is crucial to honor and respect every individual’s perspectives, and foster inclusivity through culture.

At the assembly that held the dance performance, I interviewed Kaylen Han, a freshman here at ACP, and her favorite part of the dance performance was the Advanced Dance team’s choreography because of its synchronization, along with how each dancer was dedicated and prepared to perform. Every dance team did such a phenomenal job.  For the fashion show, I interviewed Zainab Gheyasi, one of ACP’s hard-working juniors, who represented Afghanistan. Zainab explained to me, “Events like these help increase the inclusivity through bringing in a variety of cultures, which students represent outside of school. The fashion runway was a time to show off and share my culture with others, and it opened up a learning experience for my peers.” 

These assemblies served as a phenomenal opportunity for students to not only bond together, but to grow as a wonderful community. Having empathy and cultural competence in a school environment is key to striving for the impossible and being extraordinary. Go Knights!

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