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Welcoming Mr. Bryson: Computer Science Instructor


Recently, we had a new addition to our staff here at ACP, Mr. Bryson, who joined us as our Computer Science instructor. He is most looking forward to working at a high school as industrious as ours and being a part of the wonderful ACP family. Mr. Bryson has always wanted to teach and learn more about Computer Science, and ACP is the perfect place for that!

Photo Credit to Auri Smith

At ACP, his students describe his teaching style as calm and cool. He chose to teach this subject specifically because he wanted to expand his understanding as well as his thinking process and challenge himself educationally. He enjoys Computer Science the most since there are several other ways to get the answer in the subject than the obvious and the simple. When I interviewed the dedicated Mr. Bryson, he explained, “I hope to teach my students to be more creative, to be able to explain things more in-depth, teach others, and keep on learning.” Mr. Bryson motivates his students by telling them, “Just get it done. Make school work easy on yourself, turn in your work, and take care of what matters most.”

Photo Credit to Innova Stem

Besides teaching, Mr. Bryson plays the drums and competitive men’s softball. In college and high school, he used to run track and field and play baseball and football. He also has two daughters and his signature drumsticks. Mr. Bryson is an impeccable example of all the assiduous teachers at ACP. He truly reminds us students to strive for the impossible and to be extraordinary. Go Knights!


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