Attaining the Ethereal Spring Aesthetic

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MARCH 20th- As the sun dawns over the horizon, spring arrives at long last with the vernal equinox after a hefty and bleak winter. The reemergence of spring signals the time of new beginnings, a season for rebirth, cloudless skies, and open windows. In Arizona, of course, these gentle breezes and picnic-perfect days won’t last – it’s only a matter of time before the infamous Arizona heat starts to warm up and all hopes of spending the day outside are consequently ruined.

While spring prompts the arrival of Easter, Earth Day, delightful creatures, and blooming flowers, the theme of reinvention also stirs among the fashion runways. The fashion industry has already labeled countless trends for the year, and I’ve taken the time to put together a short list (with input from The Knights Times staff) of the most heavenly and spring-inspiring trends. Here are our top five springtime fashion trends to check out for 2021!

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Platform Shoes

The iconic platform shoes of the ’70s have made an eclectic return. The platform boots, brought to fame by rockstars like David Bowie and disco sensations like Agnetha and Frida from ABBA, have inspired block-platform wedges, espadrilles and many other shoe designs to be reborn into a modern look. While it might be a bit challenging to walk in these, the block-heels come in all shapes and sizes, making it versatile for everyone.

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The Casual Blazer Look

Blazers create an effortlessly chic appearance. Classy and elegant with a pinch of urban casual, blazers are being molded into a work and street look that are easy to recreate- whether you’re taking a stroll down the street to the grocery store or working a 9 to 5 in an office at a successful company.

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What is spring without florals? Flowers are the most prominent symbol of springtime, so as a result, what better patterns to wear but pastel shades of florals? If you want to bring in the floral look into your home, buy small bouquets of flowers to keep in vases or obtain a miniature pot of succulents (or even a cactus- after all, this is Arizona).

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Milkmaid Dresses

A remnant of the cottage core aesthetic, dresses with frills, lace, and soft white and beige colors are a huge incoming trend (not to mention a total springtime look). Accompanied with puffy sleeves that usually end mid shoulder, milkmaid dresses tend to fall down to the knee, or sometimes drop down straight to the ankles (where they can be paired with a pretty pair of platform espadrilles). These dresses are easy to attain and will make you feel like running through a field of flowers.

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Knitted sweaters, cropped tank tops, and shorts have recently made a huge boom in the fashion industry. While they’ve always been around, lately more and more people have been donning the soft, fleecy yarn. Knitwear is perfect for springtime: it’ll keep you warm while the little “gaps” in the fabric allow the gentle breezes to flow through.

Have fun incorporating these fashion trends into your style, Knights, and remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!