Julia Golichowski & Krista Rowan Sign to PBA & GCU


Julia Golichowski and Krista Rowan with their teammates. Photo courtesy of Julia Golichowski.

Last Monday, November 18th, two of ACP’s varsity girls volleyball players, Julia Golichowski and Krista Rowan, both signed to their prospective colleges. Surrounded by family, friends, peers, and of course, their teammates, both girls committed to play beach volleyball.

Julia, with her parents, at the signing Monday morning in the gym. Photo courtesy of Julia Golichowksi.

Julia Golichowski (12) signed to Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA), located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Julia has been with ACP volleyball since seventh grade and made varsity her freshman year. As the team setter, she has been playing volleyball since the fifth grade. I contacted Julia to ask her what it was like signing to PBA.

Q: What’re you planning on majoring in? Why?

A: I’ll be double majoring in exercise science and business. I really want to become a chiropractor, and this way I will have the background to possibly open my own chiropractic business in the future, if I don’t decide to work for a different company. Business is such a versatile degree, and since I’ll be playing for four years and have all of these AP/Dual Enrollment credits, double majoring is a good idea.

Q: Why did you decide to play for Palm Beach Atlantic University?

A: As soon as I walked onto the Palm Beach Atlantic University campus, I immediately felt a connection there. The coach is amazing and played professionally herself, so she’s extremely qualified. Additionally, the school has amazing facilities, from three beach courts to a weight room to a film room and more. The location is perfect as well; it’s walking distance to the beach! Lastly, the girls who play there currently are both incredible players and great people all around. I’m so excited to be there with them all very soon.

Elizabeth Bishop
Julia playing during last year’s beach volleyball season. Photo courtesy of Julia Golichowski.

Q: How does beach volleyball work?

A: Beach volleyball is actually pretty different from indoor volleyball. There are only two players rather than six, and the court is smaller. You also only play to 21 points rather than 25, and you switch sides every seven points to ensure that any disadvantages like wind/sun do not hinder one team in particular. Other than that, the general idea is the same, except in beach volleyball, rules for setting the ball with your hands are much stricter, and the ball can only make about half a revolution in air before it’s called as a double. Beach volleyball is also much more strategic with hitting and blocking. 

Q: What do you love about volleyball the most?

A: I love everything about volleyball! Playing with your partner, being a part of a team, getting to compete and work hard to improve yourself; all of it is so much fun and I’m so passionate about the sport.

Krista with her parents during the signing. Photo courtesy of Krista Rowan.

Q: What is your favorite moment from past seasons with ACP beach volleyball?

A: One of my favorite memories is winning fourth in state last year! We had never made it that far and it was a very memorable and exciting time. Besides that, I loved playing with Kelsey Burns last season. We had a 17-3 record!

On the other hand, Krista Rowan, also a senior, opted to stay in state for her college years. Krista signed to Grand Canyon University (GCU), a private Christian university here in Phoenix, after verbally committing during her junior year. I also contacted Krista about her recent signing.

Q: What’re you majoring in? Why?

A: Sports marketing and management. I love my marketing class here and would love to combine my passion in marketing with my passion for sports, and hopefully work for a team in their marketing department. 

Q: Why did you decide to play for Grand Canyon University?

A: GCU made me feel at home from the moment I stepped on campus. I love the coaches and the environment they’ve created with the team. I can’t picture myself anywhere but GCU.

Elizabeth Bishop
Krista playing beach volleyball at ACP.

Q: How long have you been playing volleyball?

A: I’ve been playing indoor volleyball since I was 12, but beach volleyball since I was 15.

Q: What will you miss the most about ACP volleyball?

A: I’m going to miss my teammates and Coach Orr the most. My teammates have been my best friends for six years and it’ll be hard not seeing them and playing with them every day.

Q: What are you most excited for in regard to your last beach volleyball season?

A: I’m excited to spend the last few months playing beach with my closest friends and having lots of fun, but also working hard to win a state championship!

Congrats to both Julia and Krista on signing to their respective universities. Good luck in the upcoming beach volleyball season and don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!