Splashing into the School Year: ACP’s Annual Pool Party


As students and teachers start to get back into the swing of things, one of ACP’s traditional and annual events is quickly coming up. On Friday, August 2nd, the Annual ACP Family Potluck and Pool Party will be held at the Hamilton Aquatic Center in Chandler. From 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. students and family will be able to hang out and spend quality time together while the Arizona heat cools down for the night.

Some of ACP’s students having fun at last year’s pool party.

The event is being organized and hosted by our General Boosters, and they have asked that families bring food and drinks based off of their child’s grade. Freshman are expected to bring a main dish (enough to feed 12-15 people), sophomores should bring appetizers or side dishes, juniors some desserts, and seniors bring 12 packs of soda, bottled water, lemonade, or fruit punch. In regard to drinks, please drop them off at the office by Thursday, August 1st. Please don’t forget to bring in what your grade was assigned!

Last year’s pool party.

The pool party should be a lot of fun, and as students have said in the past, a complete blast! So convince your friends, parents, and siblings to come to Hamilton’s Aquatic Center this Friday for a night full of fun and back flips! Don’t forget to bring some food and drinks! We hope to see you there!