ACP Football Slams Chandler Prep 31-17


Varsity football co-captain Eric DeCoster’s hopeful wish to win the first football game of the season has fortunately come true: the annual Battle of Ray Road football game was a huge success for ACP Knights! Our varsity football team beat Chandler Prep 31-17! Nice job, Knights!

The game was quite the turn out: many students and friends and families showed up at Hamilton High with signs and bubbling excitement. Due to the large crowds of supporting fans, tickets took up to 15 to purchase at the gate. The line at the concession stands during half-time reached the fence guarding the end of the football field.

Our Knights scored 7 points in the first quarter, making the score 7-0. In the second quarter, Chandler Prep gained 3 points, setting the score at 7-3, but our exceptional players leveled the playing field by scoring yet another 7 points, marking the overall score at 14-3 for ACP. During the third quarter the Chandler Prep Titans rose up to 7 points, while our Knights managed to only get 3.

But the Knights were victorious in the fourth quarter and won the entire game with 31-17, thrilling everybody. ACP spectators jumped to their feet from their seats at the bleachers and screamed from excitement while the football team rejoiced in their win.

A huge congratulations to our outstanding football team! Great work, boys! We can’t wait to see what else the upcoming season has in store for us all!