A Nimble Glimpse at a Senior Bucket List


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It is truly fascinating how fast time seems to fly by. Seems like just yesterday I was trying to navigate my way through ACP’s campus on the first day of school as a very lost and confused freshman. Fast forward three years and the “first” day of my senior year has already passed by in a blink of an eye. It didn’t even register in my mind that it was the last first day of school for my grade until after school finished for the day (astonishing, I know). It’s bewildering how swift the years have passed by, from freshman to sophomore to junior to senior. Weren’t we just sitting in the bleachers across from the Class of 2018?

I gathered a few of our seniors this week to ask their input on two various questions concerning graduation and our after high school plans (personally, I cannot wait to take a tour of the U.K. once it’s safe enough to). Our first question is:

What do you want to do before you graduate from ACP?

Bryce Williams (left) with his friends at last year’s Homecoming dance. Photo courtesy of Bryce Williams.

Tej Patel, a member of Speech & Debate and ACP’s golf team, said, “The main thing that I’m looking forward to is getting accepted into a good school with a good amount of scholarship money. Overall, I just want to have fun with my senior year and enjoy all of my extracurriculars, like debate and golf.” Bryce Williams added, “I want to be more outgoing and make new connections that’ll last outside of school.”

Tatum Lindstrom, a fellow friend of mine, added that she’d love to win a full-ride scholarship and then “go to Italy for a very long vacation”. Elise Jimenez, an ambitious varsity volleyball player, said, “I’d like to finish editing my first novel for publication so that I can share my thoughts and feelings from over the years. It’s a difficult, time-consuming task and I’m looking forward to completing it!”.

Our last answer for this question comes from Alexis Myer, who replied with quite the list of goals: “I want to get a job, go to Prom, and make enough money to go on a senior trip. I also want to learn to cook before college.”

What is something fun you are planning on doing the summer after high school graduation?

Photo courtesy of Lucas McDougall.

Varsity basketball player Lucas McDougall said, “The boys and I are planning a trip, hopefully a cruise or something along the lines of that. We might go to a variety of states, probably on the east coast once the Covid situation improves, and hang out there if the cruise doesn’t work out. Hopefully we’ll be able to have a fun time and hang out.”

Gio Giella countered, “Once Covid improves, I plan on going to Thailand to visit my grandma the summer after high school graduation.”

Sam Rojas, a close friend, replied saying, “I’m willing to make changes that I feel are necessary to myself or my thought process. I want to be able to get rid of any negative thoughts or at least be able to reflect over them so I’m not so occupied by the time I start college.” Hadi Shiban, a varsity volleyball player, comically responded with, “chilling with the boys in Alaska or London.”

A quick thank you to the seniors above who took the time to present us with an insight to the inner goals and bullet points of a senior bucket list. Good luck to you all in fulfilling your respective ambitions and desires.

Despite having our senior year in such a turbulent time, I believe that we can make the best of it. After all, our senior motto is, “The best is yet to come”.  Make it happen, Knights!