Farewell Dear Seniors

To the Senior Class of 2020,

The end of the year has swooped upon us once more in a fashion all too quick. The year might not have ended in a way we all would’ve preferred, but it still ended in quite an unforgettable manner. You’ve made the best of what you had and I can, without a doubt, say, on the behalf of the junior class, that you’ll go down in ACP history as one of the most memorable and spirited classes to ever grace our hallways.

As a member of the junior class, it’s only with ease that I can simply say that we’ve always looked up to you. From day one in kindergarten while you were first graders, throughout middle school, to what should’ve been your last day as seniors. You’ve left behind quite a big step to fill in (one that I only hope we’ll be able to achieve in a similar fashion) and even more nostalgia for our grade and the younger classes who’ve grown up looking up to you as the older siblings and friends. You’ve prepared all of us for the upcoming year and how to be role models.

We might see each other a few times here and there (please don’t forget to visit during football games or the annual pool party) over the next year. Some of us will meet up with you during your sophomore year as college students, while some of us will travel the world with you or we’ll just work together and lead simple lives. We’ll stay good friends who’ve experienced ACP Erie grow together into the wonderful school it is today.

Thank you for all the memories and laughs. It’ll be weird without you by our sides, guiding us, but you’ve finally reached the finishing point for childhood and reached the starting point for adulthood. Throughout the rest of your life, you’ll grow into new people and experience new things. But just remember: once a Knight, always a Knight.

Good luck in all your future endeavors and adventures. We’ll miss you terribly.

The Class of 2021