ACP Alumnus Jake Capriotti: Life in the Big City


Photo courtesy of Jake Capriotti.

Meeting celebrities has always been a pretty big deal for most people; Jake Capriotti, however, is not like most people.

Jake Capriotti (left) with actor and comedian Adam Sandler (right). Photo courtesy of Jake Capriotti.

A graduate of the ACP class of 2017, Jake attends the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in the Big Apple, where he’s currently seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television and an Associates Degree in Politics. Even two years after he’s left Erie, Jake’s name is still big on campus. His eminent photography and film skills have left a lasting impact here on campus.

Jake recently had the opportunity to meet actor Adam Sandler at NYU. Sandler, a well known comedian, is a huge name in Hollywood. He’s known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live and various comedic films, such as Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison.

After hearing about Jake’s exciting experience, I thought it would be cool to reach out to him and feature him in the Knight Times. Jake happily complied:

Q: How did you happen to meet Adam Sandler?

A: It was a brief run-in at school one day. I was on a break during my television studio class and he just happened to be there with his wife and kids. Adam is an alum of NYU Tisch, so he was showing his kids around where he went to college.

Jake Capriotti hard at work doing what he loves: filming. Photo courtesy of Jake Capriotti.

Q: What was it like?

A: It was pretty cool getting to meet him. He is really nice and down to earth when you talk to him. When I introduced myself he replied, “Hi, I’m Adam,” like he was just anyone else as opposed to a world-famous movie star. I am not easily star struck, as working in the film and television industry you tend to run into celebrities a lot. The day before I shared an elevator ride with Spike Lee, the director of the films BlackKklansman and Do the Right Thing.

Q: What do you miss about ACP?

A: What I miss most about ACP is the sense of community at the school. My graduating class had less than 90 students, so going from a small school of not even 800 students to a city with 8 million people is quite the change. I also miss my teachers. Their guidance and willingness to help me got to where I am today.

Thank you to Jake for taking the time out of his busy day to give us a little insight to his college life. It’s not every day that you get to meet famous celebrities, but for Jake, it’s a regular occurrence. ACP wishes you an awesome school year! Don’t forget: once a Knight, always a Knight!