Welcoming Our Fall Sports


Is it possible to believe that school’s already been in session for a month and a half? The thought itself seems ludicrous but it’s true. The relaxing, stress-free days of summer are finally over and soon the slightly cooler days of autumn will be upon us. With the promise of fresh, crisp weather on the way, fall sports are underway.

The first team introduced was Varsity Swim.

Last Friday, August 30th, we had our Fall Sports Assembly during Success time in the gym. Our MCs, Miranda Romero and Vanessa Ghosn, introduced our fall sports teams: Varsity Football, Varsity Swim, Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Badminton, Spiritline, and Varsity Girls Volleyball.

Varsity Football

Aaron Barnes, Cameron Blacker, Benito Canales, Raul Canales, James Chadwick, Mark Chavez, Bryce Chen, Nathan Chumley, Caden Churnetski, Eric DeCoster, Aiden Deogracias, Jayden Diaz, Joel Diaz, Octavio Diaz, Mario Duncan, Kolby Forshee, Xavier Gacusan, Kellen Gibson, Alex Gilchrist, Roman Goebel, Tyler Grainger, Mark Johnston, Ahlias Jones, Robbie Kennedy, Deven Kukreja, Case Luek, Jeremiah Marrajo, Cameron McDonald, Keaton Messerole, Dawson Moulesong, Ihtiram Muhtady, Marco Palafox, Adam Parkinson, Carter Patten, Andrew Stephens, Biruk Stephens, Matthew Tran, Robert Turner, Jett Uzzell, Jakob Warren, Richard Williams, Sebastian Ybrahim, Jackson Zeller and Saar Zutshi.

The Badminton team joining Swim and Cross Country on the floor.

Varsity Swim

Bridge Bach, Benjamin Ballew, Gerald Bowers, AnaLyn Bowman, Mya Casey, Jacob Conklin, Michelle Estrada, Eryca Fawkes, Ethan Fawkes, Torri Foster, Matthew Furcone, Giovanni Giella, Ryan Gray, Emily Greenwood, Nathaniel Greer, Cambelle Gregory, Molly Hermann, Aksh Iyer, Andrew Kang, Rishi Kishore, Pauline Kousoulas, Ryan Kuru, Justin Lee, Richard Lowther, Molly McCarthy, Ivy McNeil, Clarice Nguyen, Sianna O’Brien, Sarah Otting, Hunter Paynich, Ian Phu, Victoria Przydzial, Olivia Ramos, Conner Redmond, Diego Rios, Logan Sandlin, Brisa Serrano, Jacob Sherman, Katherine Shimkus, Taylor Smith, Hunter Wyatt Spivey, Isaac Stowell, Brennan Sweeney, Logan Sylvester, Taman Truong, Advik Venkatesh, Arun Barath Vijay Sankar, Yizhou (Leo) Wang, and Katherine White.

Boys Varsity Cross Country 

Quentin Boggs, Jaydan Brown, Jaylen Brown, Ethan Fawkes, Matt Furcone, Waldo King, Jet Lien, Dominic Lyons, Collin Ramey, Logan Sandlin, Michael Sperduti, Wyatt Spivey, Abraham Troop, William Vannasap, Advik Venkatesh, Curtis Wilkerson, and Oliver Williams.

The musical chairs set up with the StuGo students patiently waiting with their signs.

Girls Varsity Cross Country 

Devon Baggot, Isabel Brady, Eryca Fawkes, Emily Garces, Sierra Garces, Lauren Harsen, Hallies Melonson, Elizabeth Nakai, Nardia Padilla, Devangana Shah, Hannah Tsay, and Zoe Turnbow.


Saavni Agrawal, Kashish Athmanathan, Sai Chinata, Michaela Fifield, Candy Gao, Sejal Jain, Aubrey Naleski, Grace Phillips, Yumnaa Rajput, Annika Trenbeath, and Jiyu Wang.

Spiritline (Pom & Cheer)

Hailey Bates, Anya Botha, Brennan Caldwell, Mya Casey, Kylie Czerwinski, Jacklyn Diaz, Darby Felbein, Zoe Felbein, Lexi Fox, Kaityln Freeland, Jacy Fuller, Ashleigh Griffin, Kayla Horn, Andrea Linder, Quiana Moreno, Winter Ray, Paola Rodriquez Alvarado, Annabelle Rothert, Lily Sandlin, Darian Sapergia, Shelby Smith, Caitlin Soelberg, Alicia Thompson, Natalie Valliere, Elizabeth Weiss

The teams racing across the gym to get to the chairs.

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Wynter Ray, Emma Byrd, Krista Rowan, Shelby Blixt, Naomi Sano, Kelsey Burns, Julie France, Shelby Smith, Julia Golichowski, Kennedy Orr, Aliyah Jones, Hailey Blixt, Elise Jimenez, and Tendall Weigand.

After introducing the new teams and players, our MCs called for three players from each sport to come and play a huge game of musical chairs. At the end of the gym, in front of the band players, a row of chairs sat with a person holding a sign behind it. Each sign had either a singer or song written on it. When the music started playing, the participants had to run across the gym to reach the chair that corresponded to the song playing. Everyone was super excited to participate and as soon as the music turned on, they raced across the gym and fought over their seats. The rest of the school looked on in anticipation as the laughing participants sat on each other to try and win. Finally, Cross Country came out victorious.

Good luck to all of our new teams! We can’t wait to cheer you on! Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!