How to Be Successful in APUSH

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History can be a difficult subject to study for, let alone an AP history course. Identifying a proficient routine for studying is the key to be successful in APUSH (AP U.S. History). When I started APUSH last July, I was totally lost. The chapters are long and require a long time to read and take notes out of (in my case), and you need to remember specific details for AP.

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After a semester of taking the course, I finally figured out what works for me when it comes to studying for APUSH and getting that A. APUSH only requires a portion of your time and especially your commitment. Without further ado, here is my foolproof way to succeed in APUSH:

Take Time to Read the Chapter

The easiest way to do well in APUSH is by reading the chapter. Most homework centers on reading the chapter for the upcoming quiz, which happen frequently. However, the chapters in our textbook can be quite long, sometimes spanning from 20 pages to 35 (I know!) and covered from top to bottom in text, with the occasional picture or graph. When reading, I like to take my time to make sure I understand the content and what’s going on. Skimming is also helpful, but keep in mind that the AP test and class quizzes are very specific. Plus, the book does tend to be a bit funny once in a while (“boom times became gloom times”).

Watch Jocz Productions

After reading/skipping the chapter, I tend to watch JoczProductions on Youtube. Jocz summarizes the entire chapter in a video that can span from 15 to 25 minutes. It’s super helpful when it comes to checking for understanding. The book can get a bit confusing at times (especially if you are skimming) and watching Jocz’s videos can help clear up the confusion. I highly recommend devoting a little time to watch his videos.

Read the Course Notes

I’ll be honest: I hate taking notes out of the book. When my friend told about Course Notes, I practically fell in love. Course Notes outlines the ENTIRE chapter for you in six pages or less AND is very specific. I usually read their notes before a quiz or test and it has proven itself very helpful.

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Review Quizlets

There are hundreds of Quizlets that outline entire chapters with specific and broad questions. However, make sure to be careful when choosing a Quizlet; some answers could be wrong. For the most part, Quizlet is very self-explanatory.

Pay Attention in Class

Probably the easiest thing you could: paying attention. Your teacher, whether it be Ms. Bunch or Mr. Kimball, will thoroughly explain the chapter and all of the sections within. Sometimes they hint on what will be on the quiz or test, so make sure to pay attention and participate!

Overall, once you get a healthy and feasible routine for studying, APUSH turns out to be a lot easier than what it is made out to be. Follow any of these tips and I guarantee that you will start to see your grade grow. But for now, I must (ironically) go study for my APUSH quiz. Good luck!