Congratulations to the Custodial Team!

The significance of hygiene and cleanliness has become ever so important in the past year. Individuals across the globe are working diligently to effectively scrub and polish every visible surface (and they’re doing an amazing job at it!). At our own down-to-earth campus, Ms. Lucy and the custodial team have gone to the moon and beyond to successfully sterilize our school-and to show for it, they received a 99% on their Clean School evaluation!

Our custodial team celebrating a job done well!

Every year, Chandler District staff inspect the campus and give out an evaluation score. This year’s score of 99% is the highest ACP has ever earned in it’s young history! Congratulations and thanks to the custodial team for their hard work and effort in making sure our school is ready and clean for students upon our return. Lucy Johnson, our building manager and who is a part of the custodial team, has been with ACP for two years (and counting!). Ms. Lucy, as the students affectionately refer to her as, agreed to a short interview with me regarding their spectacular evaluation honor!

Q: What have you done differently this year as compared to other years?

A: One of the main differences has been the time; school has been out longer than usual and it gives us more time. I came to ACP Erie a year and a half ago and the site had not been up to full maintenance to District Standard. With extra time due to COVID 19, we were able to take care of many custodial issues and bring them up to District Standard.

Q: How do you feel about receiving this honor?

A: I feel really happy and I’m very excited! For our results, it is nice to be recognized by staff and District for the hard work we put in this  summer. I am proud of my team for staying focused on how the site should look like. Our job some days feels like it never ends, but we want to make sure staff and students come home to a clean and sanitized site each day.

Q: Is the custodial team going to celebrate? If so, how?

A: The front office recognized all of us and bought us breakfast for our hard work. It was nice to celebrate with my custodial staff for everyone’s hard work.

Ms. Lucy has been with ACP as our building manager since 2018.

Q: How have you adjusted to the new structure on campus?

A: Our cleaning procedures have not changed much, except that we are disinfecting touch points more often during the day. District has placed sanitizer dispensers in each classroom and throughout the front office. Our goal is to provide a safe and clean school as we move forward.

Q: How has the team prepared for in-person instruction?

A: We started cleaning our areas daily as staff started returning this school year. We are cleaning and disinfecting each morning; custodial staff will be disinfecting high traffic areas mid-day, including the front office, hallways, restrooms, work room and gym area doors. As students arrive and (if) adjustments are needed, we will adjust our schedule to make sure staff and students are safe. Our campus will be maintained up to District Standard’s. We have been preparing for a while and I believe we are ready.

Q: Now for a fun question. What is your favorite thing to bake? Why?

A: I enjoy baking cakes! It is really enjoyable for many different occasions, and I have the freedom to use my imagination.

A huge thank you to Ms. Lucy for taking the time to answer these questions for us. Congratulations to the custodial team on a job well done. We appreciate everything that you do for us. Remember Knights, when we’re back on campus, make sure to give Ms. Lucy and her partners a round of applause for their astounding work.