On the Road to the Future: Elaina Ashton’s New Children’s Book

Photo courtesy of Elaina Ashton.

Photo courtesy of Elaina Ashton.

One by one, each of our wonderful alumni are starting their separate journeys to a life full of whatever they desire most. One of our Class of 2020 Alumni, Elaina Ashton, recently co-wrote a children’s book with her mother, Anna Prakash-Ashton, titled Have You Seen a Self-Driving Car? 

The book, intended for young children from the ages of five to early adolescence, illustrates the science of self-driving cars and the benefits they entail for humanity in the near future. Have You Seen a Self-Driving Car? has received great views as it becomes more and more popular. Here to tell us more about the story itself is no one other than Elaina Ashton.

Photo courtesy of Elaina Ashton.

Q: What is the book about?

A: The book Have You Seen a Self-Driving Car? introduces children to the world of autonomous, self-driving cars. It is an exciting journey to explain just how self-driving cars work, their benefits, challenges and what they mean for you and me. It is fully illustrated and filled to the brim with fun, futuristic, and educational information children will love reading through.QL

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

A: I love science, technology, robotics, self-driving cars and also sharing with everyone. In 2015, I co-founded a nonprofit with my mom to teach local children STEM, robotics and futuristic technologies. This book is part of the STEM curriculum that we teach through our nonprofit.

With the current pandemic  situation, we are converting all our curriculum into digital format, via books, virtual coding and videos. Have You Ever Seen a Self-Driving Car? is the perfect way to prepare children for the world of tomorrow while, at the same time, planting in them a curiosity for technology.

Q: How long did it take to write? 

A: It took about 5-6 months.

Photo courtesy of Elaina Ashton.

Q: Which part of the book is your favorite? Why?

A: I enjoy the parts of the book that explain “how” self-driving technology benefits human beings and keeps our roads safe.

Q: What do you hope to get out of this book?

A: I hope to inspire others to explore the world of technology and just have fun.

Q: Do you have any advice for students who wish to get their own books or novels published?

A: It is a great experience to publish your own book. You can accomplish your goal if you are prepared to work hard and stay focused. We are looking for writers, editors, illustrators, designers and would be happy to work with you. Contact me through email at [email protected]

A huge thank you to Elaina for taking the time to answer these questions. ACP misses you very much and wishes you a successful career in the engineering industry. Don’t forget: once a Knight, always a Knight!

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