Coming Soon: ACP’s Second Annual PowderPuff Game


April 5th, 2019. ACP Erie hosts its first annual PowderPuff game, a new event that stuns and amazes Knights during the mellow spring evening. Flash forward a year and PowderPuff has been canceled, a result of the COVID-19 lockdown that began in March and lasted several months. Now in 2021, several ACP Knights, led by junior Nicole Chadwick, have made the possibility of PowderPuff alive.

The 2021 PowderPuff game, our second annual game in ACP history, is scheduled for Friday, May 7th on the East Field (the specific time for the event will be coming out soon). I chatted with Nicole about the event and this is what she had to say:

ACP’s first-ever PowderPuff game in 2019

Q: Who will be participating in the game? Can anyone join? How about the half-time show?

A: Girls from all grade levels can participate in the game! In order to be fair, the first 15 girls from each grade who turned in the materials needed to play were put on the roster. During the half-time show (in between games) the boys who’ve signed up for the cheer portion of it will have the honor of performing. Many of these newly-made cheerleaders will be participants from the Varsity and JV football teams- who are very excited to show off their amazing talents already.

Q: How have the participants been preparing for the game?

A: We are having practices every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the girls! The week of PowderPuff will only have a Wednesday and Thursday practice just to sharpen up some last-minute plays. The hour-long practices will be filled with water breaks, music, and ultimately drills to train to win.

Q: What has been the hardest part in regards to planning this event?

A: The staff and students I’ve been working with have been awesome and very helpful! They really made the process as easy as can be in regards to directing and planning PowderPuff. So far the process has been very smooth, and I am so lucky to have such an amazing student body to participate!

Q: How will this PowderPuff game be different from past games?

A: This PowderPuff game will be different from all the past years for sure. The competition has grown tremendously, and I am excited to see which grade levels come out on top. Since COVID-19 hit during this time last year, PowderPuff was unfortunately cancelled. This year the teams- especially the seniors- are ready to bring back this tradition…as well as dominate the competition.

The winners of ACP’s first PowderPuff game, the Class of 2020.

Q: What can Knights expect to see at the game?

A: The Knights can expect to see lots of things from the two games that will appear on May 7th. The 7 v. 7 games will showcase all of the girls’ talent with football, while the boys reverse what they’re used to and become their #1 supporters. Fun fundraising events will be present at the game in order to help the Knights football team start off their season!

Q: What is your favorite part about PowderPuff?

A: My favorite part about PowderPuff is to see all of the excitement and participation coming from the ACP Knights. Not only are the games fun and exciting to watch, but it also shows how close the ACP family really is. Also, it isn’t the worst thing ever to see a bunch of football boys in tutus…

Thank you so much to Nicole for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us a little insight into the behind the scenes for PowderPuff. If you have any questions, see Nicole Chadwick or Coach Blue. All in all, make sure to head out to the East Field on May 7th, Knights, to see your Knights perform in tutus and play ball. Don’t forget to be extraordinary and strive for the impossible!