Elizabeth Bishop Gives Yearbook Some Helpful Tips


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bishop.

Last Wednesday our yearbook class got to experience a wonderful lesson by a very talented photographer. Elizabeth Bishop put aside some of her valuable time to come to our campus to give our yearbook students a wonderful one-on-one mini lesson.

The students had many questions for Mrs. Bishop, and she answered every single one, giving pointers and tips. She taught them how to adjust their ISO (sensitivity to the camera’s sensor) for dark and light areas. A huge question asked was how to take a good photo of a moving object, for example, a ball. Mrs. Bishop’s answer was adjusting the shutter speed: how fast the shutter is opening to capture action.

Besides giving tips on technical aspects of the camera, Mrs. Bishop also gave pointers on the more artistic side of photography. She taught them how to capture the “right moment” on screen and how to get closer to the action without accidentally getting in the way. At one point, she took them out of the classroom and out into the school corridors to practice taking photos.

It’s an understatement to say that the yearbook students didn’t have a swell time; in fact, they seemed to enjoy the short two hours they had with Mrs. Bishop. Hopefully this fun little lesson has given our yearbook students the proper information they need to go out there and start taking great pictures to give us yet another awesome yearbook.