Coming Soon: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

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With COVID taking away a great deal of the fun events and traditions ACP usually takes part in annually, StuGo has out done themselves yet again, bringing us a fun, socially-distanced variation of Homecoming. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party will take place next Friday, March 5th, during lunch and stretch over a handful of lunch periods.

Students are expected to come dressed in semi-formal wear for the fun, delightful tea party, where StuGo will be providing pizza for lunch. As tradition goes, the week of the Homecoming dance (and football game) is preceded by Spirit Week, a time when students are allowed to come to school in free dress (not to be confused with dollar dress day) as long as their outfits match the theme of the day.

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Next week, starting March 1st and ending March 5th, is Spirit Week. Listed below are the various themes slotted in to take over the week!

Monday, March 1st: Sleeping Beauty Pajama Day

  • Come to school dressed in your favorite pajamas!

Tuesday, March 2nd: Hansel & Gretel Twin Day

  • Find a friend (or friends!) and dress yourself in matching outfits!

Wednesday, March 3rd: Elsa & Moana Winter v. Summer Day

  • Dress in the frosty blues of Elsa’s snow queen fashion or take a page out of Moana’s summery couture and dress in florals and sunny colors.
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Thursday, March 4th: Colors of the Wind Monochrome Day

  • Come to school dressed in one color only!

Friday, March 5th: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Semi-Formal Dress

  • On the final day of Spirit Week, come dressed in semi-formal wear for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party set to happen during your lunch hour!

Also, make sure to nominate your 2020-2021 Homecoming Royalty through the links found on your class Instagram bios. Caution! Today is the last day you can nominate your peers for Hoco.

Have some fun dressing up for next week, Knights, and remember to strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary!