Sign up for the 2020 International Knights Festival

Sign up for the 2020 International Knights Festival

As the weather begins to turn warmer (well, in Arizona) and the birds start to chirp peaceful melodies, ACP starts to prepare for one of its most famous school gatherings: the annual International Knights Festival.

The 2020 fest will be the third festival the school has held, with the first being assembled in 2018. The festival is a wonderful way for students, family, and friends to learn about the many diversities and cultures that not only make up Erie, but the entire world. Many families hold their own booths where they can showcase their culture and its traditions, food, and customs. In the past, booths ranged from all over the world: Italy, Egypt, Sweden, Guyana, and Colombia.

Booths, however, are not the only entertainment the fest has to boast: the festival is also pretty well-known for its sundry performances. Students from Erie have signed up in the past to perform dances or songs from their culture. We’ve had traditional Native American, Serbian, and Irish performances.

Traditional Serbian dances performed by Danijela Kangrga (10) and her friends during the 2019 International Knights Fest.

This, however, would not be possible without the cooperation of students and parents. If you would love to showcase your culture and traditions, please sign up for a booth or performance (or both!). There is no fee, but vendors are not allowed to sell or charge anything. Everything must be free.

Whether you decided to sign up for a booth or performance (the more the merrier!), we look forward to seeing you there!

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