Alex Lee
Wait...I’m a senior?!? Woah, time really flies, huh? It feels like yesterday when I first stepped through those huge black gates. 

Hey Knights, my name is Alex Lee, and this is going to be my first year on the newspaper team and my sixth year at ACP Erie. Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited! Creative and technical writing have always been two huge passions of mine, and the fact that I get to share them with all 800+ of you makes my heart soar. Besides writing, I adore reading historical fiction, taking care of my succulents (Timothee and Frederick), and doodling in my bullet journal from dusk to dawn. While these may seem like tame hobbies, I assure you I am more than three-dimensional. For the past five years, I’ve also done a mix of Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA!

Besides being involved with our school through the newspaper, I’m also the student body secretary for Student Government; that should explain it if you ever see a crazed, pink-haired girl running around with a poster five times her size. Even so, showing school spirit and giving it my all have always been a top priority of mine, and I plan on giving that same energy to our newspaper.

As you could probably tell, my love for ACP is quite endless! Seeing it grow and morph into the wonderful community it is today has been a humbling and exciting experience that I will surely never forget. Besides meeting teachers who are genuinely passionate about their subjects and students and kids who all have so many different backgrounds and stories to share, ACP is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and eclectic, yet connected places in all of Arizona. Even though this year is certainly going to look different, I can’t wait to see where it takes us and how we strive and persevere throughout it!

Alex Lee, Staff Writer

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Alex Lee