Catching up with ACP Graduate Joseph Maddox

Whether we realize it or not, time seems to continue flowing forward. From the standpoint of high schoolers who have spent the past few years in the same building and environment (not for long though), our very own alumni are facing the real world every single day. With stacked college courses, career options, job opportunities, and many responsibilities that require some major “adulting,” it’s safe to say that they’re all gaining some incredibly important life experiences and looking fantastic while they’re at it. I recently had the chance to talk to ACP alumnus Joseph Maddox to get a new view on the college experience as a sophomore and what life is truly like at ASU’s Tempe campus. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Q: What do you most enjoy about ASU?

A: I love that I get to meet new people. It’s not as easy to do right now because of COVID, but when in-person classes were still a thing, you could meet plenty of new people by just striking up a conversation. Half of the time, I never see those people again, but ASU is big enough that you’ll walk the same path each day and see different people every time.

Q: What are you majoring in? How do you like it so far?

A: I’m majoring in Chemical Engineering. I love it, but I didn’t know that there was going to be so much physics involved. There’s still chemistry, of course, but it’s still a lot less than what a chemistry major should be doing. It’s still a headache, but one I don’t mind working through!

Q: What’s the best part about being a college student? How about the worst?

A: You get way more free time in college. Most of my classes don’t start until ten so I can sleep in and, on top of that, I normally get an hour in between each to do what I want. The downside is that most of the time is used for studying. I wouldn’t say college is harder than ACP ever was, but it demands more from you. In the end, it’s a give-and-take just like anything else.

Q: What do you miss the most about ACP?

A: Oh, definitely being an athlete! I was never the greatest at ACP (writer’s note: what a lie), but I was good enough to compete against other schools and get the whole experience. I still workout on my own, but it’s not the same as before. I miss track, wrestling, mountain biking, and cross country just as much as they hurt to be in.

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies? Have you picked up anything new during quarantine?

A: I got into Dungeons and Dragons when college started; next to that, you can’t go wrong with some classic videogames and Godzilla movies during quarantine. Prior to the pandemic, I used to play a sort of game called “Jugger.” It’s hard to explain but think of capture the flag with foam weapons. I used to play it a lot before quarantine, and I even had the opportunity to go to a tournament for it!

Q: Now, time for the most important question you’ve ever been asked: If you were a French fry, what kind would you be and why?

A: It has to be one of those sweet potato fries from Red Robin; specifically, with the campfire sauce. 10/10, truly an amazing experience. It’s what I aspire to be in life.

A big thank you to Joseph Maddox for taking some time to answer these questions. Hopefully, this gives you some hope for whatever path you choose to walk down in the future! Remember to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary, Knights!