Mr. ACP…The Reality Show?!

Mr. ACP...The Reality Show?!

As we trudge and endure the violent tides of an everchanging world, our traditions are the rocks that we can grasp in order to obtain a moment of stillness and tranquility. As a school, we hold many of these activities near and dear to our hearts, such as homecoming, the Royal Flush, senior prank day, and more. However, within a world plagued by (no pun intended) a raging virus and fear, many of these events could not come to fruition. Even so, our lovely student government seems to never be without ideas and, as for a particular male-dominated event, students may just get a taste of years past through an entirely new medium. Knights, I’m talking about Mr. ACP!

Clarice Nguyen

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, a live audience is not possible…in this case, STUGO had a reference a certain reality show for inspiration: The Bachelor/Bachelorette series on ABC! While this may seem a little odd, the show’s structure allows for Mr. ACP to be split into separate episodes, all airing once every week or so in late February. If all goes accordingly, we’ll be able to watch our favorite guys from the comfort of our phone screens via IGTV (follow acperieknights on Instagram for more information and to watch). If you don’t have an Instagram account, no sweat! Video files will be provided in our Knightly Updates from Mr. Bickes.

So, gentlemen, I know you’re just dying to learn how to apply. I assure you, it’s quite easy; however, you do have to be an upperclassman…sorry freshmen and sophomores, your chance will come; I promise! Now, for all of my juniors and seniors, listen up! There is currently a link in the bio of ACPs Instagram that will allow you to gain access to an application. Please fill this out and send it to Clarice Nguyen at [email protected] After this, you’ll be contacted by her or another STUGO member about what’s happening moving forward.

Well, Knights, I hope you truly do consider applying for Mr. ACP, as it’s a unique experience that will certainly have your name in ACP’s history books. Remember to stay hydrated, strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary!